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Terms Of Use

*Changes to the Terms of Service and Rules of Use for WebNuggetz 

Any Adsense ads placed on the site will be removed and may get your post deleted. 

In our efforts to provide you with an easy to use, friendly site, we incur many costs. We must begin to cut our deficit and balance our budget just as everyone else must. With that in mind, we have made a business decision that all Adsense (Google) ads now belong to WebNuggetz.com.

Please do not place any scripts of any sort in the editor. This includes Amazon and Zazzle widgets. HTML is fine; the use of Easy Product Displays (EPD) html is fine and even encouraged.

Placing your affiliate ads in html format is okay, as long you keep them to a minimum and they are no longer than 600 px wide. If they cross into our sidebars or in any way affect the rest of the look of the site, they will be removed.

Read the rest of the TOS here: Terms of Use for WebNuggetz