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It’s Fun to Plant in a Terrarium and Watch Plants Grow

A terrarium is a type of miniature ecosystem of plants. Terrariums are usually sealable glass containers that can be opened for maintenance and to access the plants inside. However, this is not essential, terrariums can also be made using other transparent materials and some are open to the atmosphere rather than being sealed. Terrariums are often kept as decorative or ornamental items in the same way as aquariums.

Closed terrariums create a unique environment for plant growth, the transparent walls allow for both heat and light to enter the terrarium. The sealed container combined with the heat entering the terrarium allows for the creation of a small scale water cycle. This happens because moisture from both the soil and plants evaporates in the elevated temperatures inside the terrarium. This water vapour then condenses on the walls of the container, and eventually falls back to the plants and soil bellow. This contributes to creating an ideal environment for growing plants due to the constant supply of water, thereby preventing the plants from becoming over dry. In addition to this, the light that passes through the transparent material of the terrarium allows for the plants within to photosynthesise, an important aspect of plant growth.

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Tear-drop Succulent Terrarium Trio Kit:

Tear-drop Succulent Terrarium Trio KitCheck Price

This complete succulent terrarium kit includes glassware, Perle von Nurnberg, Echeveria Derenbergii, Echeveria Runyonii “Topsy Turvy” , Crassula Tetragona and Soil.

These teardrop terrariums can sit on a table or counter, or hung by a rope from a wall, ceiling or plant holder pole.

Each teardrop terrarium measures 7.25 inches tall by 3.5 inches in diameter.


Air Plant Teardrop Terrariums

Great for air plants also known as Tillandsia’s, which are some of the easiest plants to grow. While they are called “Air Plants” they still need water, nutrients, and light to survive.

They are technically Epiphytes meaning they grow on another tree, host, or object, but they don’t steal nutrients from the host, they only use it as a home to grow on.

Air Plants use tiny vessels located throughout their leaves called trichomes to capture nutrients and moisture from the air in its environment.

 Hinterland Trading Hanging Glass Teardrop GlobeCheck Price Air Plant River Side Set C,Check Price Tear-drop Succulent Terrarium Duo Kit withCheck Price Airplant Tillandsia Oaxacana Teardrop TerrariumCheck Price Teardrop Hanging Succulent Terrarium Kit –Check Price Tear-drop Succulent Terrarium Duo Kit: SedumCheck Price Tear-drop Succulent Duo Kit: Red Graptosedum/EcheveriaCheck Price

Hinterland Trading Live Aquatic Marimo Moss Ball Plant Pet Glass Aquarium Kit

Hinterland Trading Live Aquatic Marimo Moss Ball Plant Pet Glass Aquarium KitCheck Price

Product Description

Hi! I’m your new Marimo (Japanese) Cladophora Ball, or Moss Ball (English). I am a rare algae growth that only forms in a few lakes in Iceland, Scotland, Japan and Estonia. Many cultures consider me good luck. I’m very easy to care for. Just place me in a container with tap water and change it every one or two weeks. Please rinse anything you add to my container to keep my home clean. You don’t need to feed me. I don’t require anything but low light and clean water to live. Please don’t put me in direct sunlight. We don’t get much of that on the lake floor, so I don’t like it. I am most comfortable in normal to low household lighting. The gentle lake currents give me my beautiful round shape. If you gently swirl my water every once in a while that would be great! As a special treat you could even take me out and gently roll me across your palm. I sink or float depending on my mood (oxygen produced by the photosynthesis moves me up and down.) If I turn brown you can help me by replacing my water, squeezing me under running water to wash out any dirt, and adding about 5% table salt to my water. I will recover quickly. Also, a night in the fridge is like a week at the spa for me as I prefer cold water. I can live up to 200 years and grow about .5cm per year. Thanks for being so kind to me. Now I’m going to get to work being awesome!


Marimo Terrarium Aquatic Kits

Hinterland Trading Live Aquatic Marimo Moss Ball Plant Pet Glass Cylinder Aquarium KitCheck PriceHinterland Trading Small Marimo Kit with Red Pebbles and Bumble Bee ShellsCheck Price

H Potter Glass Terrarium Wardian Case

H Potter Glass Terrarium Wardian CaseCheck Price

Glass terrarium with hinged roof. Also entire glass top/house lifts off. Once planted glass will rest on your soil and/or moss.
Base is metal with a dark gray powder coat finish, ball feet, and plastic liner. PROPS NOT INCLUDED. Props can be purchased separately.

Enclosed to use as a terrarium once it is sitting on soil (soil not provided).

Approximately 10.5″L x 8.5″W x 10.5″H. Designed and Manufactured by H Potter.


H. Potter Terrarium Kits and Plants

H Potter Plant Terrarium Wardian CaseCheck PriceH Potter Decorative Box Miniature English Greenhouse TerrariumCheck PriceH Potter Square Terrarium Gothic StyleCheck PriceH Potter Terrarium Planting Kit SmallCheck PriceH Potter Terrarium Planting Kit MediumCheck PriceH Potter Terrarium Planting Kit LargeCheck Price

Glass Dome Terrarium with Base

Glass Dome Terrarium with BaseCheck Price

*Approximate dimensions are 8.66″ x 8.66″ x 9.44″
*Top is made of glass
*Place terrarium in direct sunlight
*Plant suggestions: ferns, moss, cacti, and succulents such as jade, aloe or earth stars.

Bring some plant life indoors with one of these glass terrariums. Ensure some of your favorite plants will survive inside one of these terrariums by creating a base layer in the bottom using sand or pebbles, which allows for drainage. Next add a layer of moss or potting soil followed by your selected plants. Place your terrarium in direct sunlight to keep your plants thriving!


Air Plant Round Terrarium Kits

Air plant terrariums are some of the easiest to care for and grow. You can read about air plants in the teardrop terrarium section located near the top of this page. These make great gifts for any occasion, such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Easter, birthdays, Christmas, Boss’ Day, and so on.

 Hinterland Trading Air Plant Tillandsia BlueCheck Price Hinterland Trading Mother’s Day Air PlantCheck Price Glass Globe Terrarium with Black StonesCheck Price Shop Succulents Echeveria and Crassula HangingCheck Price Hinterland Trading Easter Basket Gift AirCheck Price Shop SucculentsCheck Price Shop Succulents Little Cactus Design inCheck Price

Table Top Terrarium from Colonial Tin Works

Table Top Terrarium from Colonial Tin WorksCheck Price

*Plants not included.
*Create your own garden with this metal and glass terrarium.
*Terrarium measures 10¼” long, 5¾” deep and 11½” tall.
*The second panel from the top opens for easy access to plant or care for the terrarium. There is also a chain that holds this panel open for convenience.


Dome Terrarium Kits

You can grow a variety of plants and herbs in these dome terrarium kits. Give one as a gift, and get a few for yourself. They are great for display and enjoyment at home and at the office.

DuneCraft Dome Terrariums – Carnivorous PlantsCheck PriceDune Craft, Strange Plant CollectionCheck PriceDuneCraft Dome Terrariums – HerbsCheck PriceDuneCraft Dome Terrariums Bonsai VillageCheck PriceDuneCraft Dome Terrariums Desert BiodomeCheck PriceFarmer’s GardenCheck Price

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