Thanksgiving TableCloths

Thanksgiving Tablecloths

A Thanksgiving Tablecloth is the base for setting your Thanksgiving Dinner Table. Thanksgiving is the most family oriented holiday. Many families come together for this once a year holiday to celebrate and give thanks for their many blessings. Having the perfect Thanksgiving Table starts with the perfect Thanksgiving Tablecloth.


Thanksgiving Tablecloths

Thanksgiving is a special time of year, a special holiday that deserves only the best of table settings. Starting with the basics of a Thanksgiving Tablecloth and building from there is where it starts. There are lots of different options, styles and colors that can help you achieve the perfect Thanksgiving setting.

I am big on layering, starting with a solid and using a translucent cover and then adding a runner. Combining different colors, materials and styles can have a dramatic effect.

Protect Your Table

 Protex Cut to Fit Table Pad Table Cover with Flannel BackingCheck It Out

Protex Cut to Fit Table Pad Vinyl Table Cover features a waterproof vinyl surface with a soft felt backing suitable for all furniture finishes. This flexible, soft and easy-to-use table padding will protect your table finish from liquid spills, scratches, dents and nicks by adding a heavy duty, 6 mil thick, protective layer to your kitchen or dining room table. The flannel backing also provides sound-absorption for a quieter dining experience. The easy care plastic -like surface is simple to clean, just wipe with a damp cloth. Materials: 100% vinyl surface and 100% polyester flannel backing. Made in the USA.

Choosing The Right Tablecloth Size And Material

Drape??? What’s a Drape??? The drape of a tablecloth is the length of the tablecloth that drapes over the side of the table. The drape should be about 6 inches. This will leave space between the tablecloth and your guests laps. Having a drape that is too long could cause quite a few accidents by having the tablecloth accidentally being pulled by your guests because it is too long.

Did you know Oblong is different than Oval? This chart is a great resources for choosing your Thanksgiving Tablecloth Size whether it is oval, oblong, square, rectangle or round.

It’s important to also choose the material of your Thanksgiving Tablecloth. Most of us know cotton wrinkles more, well, lots more than polyester. Also polyester or a softer fabric creates a softer drape and fold.

Thanksgiving Tablecloths

 DII Thanksgiving TableclothCheck It Out DII Thanksgiving TableclothCheck It Out Autumn Harvest Thanksgiving TableclothCheck It Out Homewear Thanksgiving TableclothCheck It Out Benson Mills Thanksgiving TableclothCheck It Out Benson Mills Thanksgiving TableclothCheck It Out Benson Mills Thanksgiving TableclothCheck It Out Benson Mills Thanksgiving TableclothCheck It Out

Thanksgiving Tablecloths

 Homewear Thanksgiving TableclothCheck It Out Harvest Season Thanksgiving TableclothCheck It Out Table Trends Thanksgiving TableclothCheck It Out Autumn Leaf Thanksgiving TableclothCheck It Out Autumn Thanksgiving TableclothCheck It Out DII Thanksgiving TableclothCheck It Out BronzeThanksgiving TableclothCheck It Out Madison Thanksgiving TableclothCheck It Out

Happy Thanksgiving

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