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That Old Halloween Spirit

Remember the days when everyone you knew went out trick or treating? When we all loved nothing more than dressing up as something ghoulish and seeking out delicious, gooey, sticky treats?

I remember when I was little, I would come home with several bags full of candy, and exhausted from all the walking, running, and fun! Now, however, it just isn’t the same, is it? I took my kids trick or treating many years in a row, and they almost never came home with even half the bounty I used to get.

We spent most of our time looking for people that were actually handing candy out, and then tried making up the major difference ourselves! Now we just do our own Halloween thing at home, and it has proven a lot more fruitful! It’s sad though. Halloween used to be so much fun, so full of “spirit!”.

We would go and have a hard time hitting all the houses because there were just so many of them handing out, now you have to search with night owl eyes to find those porch lights that are actually lit! If everyone would just get a little Halloween spirit, we could probably salvage it for the children, but I doubt that will ever happen.

The economy, the insane price of candy, and the fact that people just aren’t as charitable, or trusting (for good reason) makes this a seemingly dying holiday. I hate to see it go, especially since it always brought me so much pleasure, but I feel like its hay day may have passed.

Hopefully there is still a little bit left to keep it running for a while still though! As long as people still decorate, and carve pumpkins, I suppose there is still a little Halloween spirit left out there!

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