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The Advantages of Using Fossil Fuels Instead of Crude Oil

oil pumpLiquid transportation fuels are an alternative to gasoline which is made from crude oil. Having biofuel will help produce better energy resources as well as improve the carbon emissions in the environment.

Law makers will continue to debate the pros and cons of alternative fossil fuels for powering our vehicles and homes. The main reason is that as oil prices increases the need for a change in the conventional oil industry becomes more apparent each day.

What is the New Oil Industry?

It is a movement to find new sources of natural energy because the supply and demand of conventional fuel is too great to sustain the economy. Energy technology companies are investing in innovations known as “Substitute Liquid Fuels” used in transportation. The great thing about biofuel is that it is made from plants such as corn and soybeans.

Grains used to make ethanol is being produced in the United States, China and Brazil for the purpose of countries to become energy independent. This growth comes at a time when States are running out of oil causing major spikes in gasoline prices from oil companies who are resisting the change to ethanol production.

Advantages of using Cellulosic Ethanol

Running out of oil is a fear that can be solved by using alternative energy sources such as ethanol made from waste by products found in farming of corn and wheat crops.  The most obvious advantage is cost, it is cheaper to produce and will not ever run out. Next it is a step towards improving the climate by reducing the amount of carbons in the air.  It is also a better way for heating homes.

These unconventional fossil fuels provide the hydrocarbon needed to make synthetic oils:

1. Natural gas – Source of methane gas used for electricity generation.

2. Oil Shale – is a rock that contains hydrocarbons used for making shale oil.

3. Coal – is a fossilized mineral with carbons to produce electricity and heat.

4. Tar Sands – are oil filled sand from Venezuela used in oil production.

In conclusion as you can see unconventional fossil fuels is a move towards becoming the energy of the future because it will replace the need for crude oil while saving consumers money. It hopefully will also encourage big corporations to partner with environmentalist in the movement of clean energy resources.

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