The America’s Finest Companies Investment Plan (Book Review)

Bill Staton suggests we look at Dividends

The America’s Finest Company Investment Plan revolves around dividends. Bill Staton writes a very empathic case for long term investing in  dividend paying stocks. His plan is to find companies with regular and rising dividend payments and then invest in them. Staton reasons that these companies are well run and should weather most difficulties. Further the dividends themselves could be reinvested, thereby magnifying gains.

There is noting extraordinary about the concept. In effect, Staton uses compouning as a means of generating gains. In his plan though the income compounded is dividends instead of interest. However, the math in either case is the same.

The America’s Finest companies Investment Plan 1998

I have read the 1998 edition of this book. Fortunately, the core concept does not become easily dated. What is dated though are certain details such as the level of the Dow Jones Index (below 10,000).If you find a pre-owned copy of the book it may be a worthwhile buy. That’s especially true if you prefer long term investing strategies. If you want a more recent version of the book it has been rewritten and retitled. See below for the later edition.

Double your Money in America’s Finest Companies 2008

I consider this Staton’s revised version of The America’s Finest Companies Investment Plan. It may not have the same title but it holds the same principles. This book was published in 2008. Unfortunaltely, I haven’t read it in detail so I can’t comment as much. A note: although the title sounds excessive Staton’s time frame is about 5 years. To double your money in that time you need a compounded rate of return of about 14.4%.  




Staton’s Website

Bill Staton continues to provide financial advice at Staton Financial Advisers. You may want to check on their investor resources and their investment philosophy. Even if you don’t use the service it makes for educational reading.


Bill Stanton’s other book

Worry Free Family Finances

Worry Free Family Finances is more concerned about family dynamics than finance. Stanton’s approach is to simplify so that it is easier for the family to deal with their finances.  



Interested in Dividend investing?

These are some books on the matter. Dividend investing is a fairly well known investment strategy. It does have a reputation for being a bit slow and conservative. However, that doesn’t mean it’s ineffective. As Staton argues in his book, this may be the safest and most profitable method for non-professionals.




What are your thoughts on dividend investing?

I like to read about different strategies to see who would benefit most from them. Have your read the book? Please add your thoughts in the comment section.

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