The Blender Bottle

A Review of the Blender Bottle

If I have been eating too much junky food, sometimes I’ll have protein shakes for breakfast for a while to compensate.  I mix protein powder into milk and most of the time it is lumpy and sometimes the jar I’m using leaks when I shake it.  It’s inconvenient and it makes a mess.

NOT with the Blender Bottle. As soon as my Blender Bottle arrived in the mail I had to try it out. I love that it has no BPA. I love that it is Dishwasher safe. But I really love how great it works! I added a scoop of my protein powder and milk, added the Blender Ball and then started shaking. No leaking! That’s a huge plus. The protein powder was well mixed into the milk and there were no lumps! I love it and I think I’m going to have to order another one because my husband wants it.

I looked at the BlenderBottle and loved the concept.  A surgical steel quality wire whisk ball inside a bottle!   Chefs love using whisks to make their gourmet creations.  I don’t claim to be a chef, but I love using whisks too.  They just do such a good job of mixing things up.  I have 3 different sizes of whisks and I love using them when I cook.  Why not a whisk inside a bottle?  It made perfect sense to me!

Blender Bottle

Blender Bottle

As you can imagine, the BlenderBottle can be used for much more than mixing protein shakes.  It’s great for mixing up salad dressings.  Once again I use a jar for this and the results are not always optimal.  If you go camping, the BlenderBottle is a great way to mix up your pancake batter.  Even if you aren’t taking it camping it’s great for pancakes at home.  Mix up your scrambled eggs in the BlenderBottle.    Take a BlenderBottle to the gym to mix up your post workout recovery drink.  I’m sure you will think of many more uses for this ingenious invention.

BlenderBottles are BPA free which is a very important consideration these days.  Get one for work and one for home.  They come in two sizes, 28 oz. or 20 oz.

While I was investigating the BlenderBottle, I was wondering what the price might be.  What would I pay for a gadget like this?  I was thinking the price would be around $20.  Boy was I surprised when I clicked through to the price page!   You might be surprised to learn that a 28 oz capacity BlenderBottle is under $10.  In fact, it is under $9 and if you buy 3 or more you get free shipping!  What a great deal!  I can think of several people who might get a BlenderBottle in their Christmas stocking this year!  Keep a couple on hand for those times when you have forgotten to buy a gift but don’t have time to go out shopping.

Check out this hot new product!

Disclosure: BzzAgent sent me the BlenderBottle to review and to try out.

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  1. TabbyCakes

    This blender bottle would be perfect for smoothies! Love this thanks for sharing!!

  2. First I have heard of the blender bottle, but it looks pretty cool! I can see myself using one of these to mix up all sorts of thing!

  3. Oh I think I need to have the Blender Bottle! This is awesome sauce!! Love it!

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