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The Bridge of Peace by Cindy Woodsmall

 The Bridge of Peace. An Ada’s House Novel

The Bridge Of Peace is the second book of the Ada’s House Novels. In the first book Ephriam an Amish man had found Cara and her daughter Lori living in an old barn on some property he owned. Cara’s Grandmother had been Amish  but Cara’s Mom had left and planned to return to raise her daughter there but had died before this happened. Cara knew none of her family but she was hiding from her past. In this book Cara is busy helping  Ada who is a widow woman while she tries to learn to live in an Amish community so she can join the Church and eventually marry Ephriam.


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Lena, the school teacher was born with a big birthmark on one side of her face and neck.She had never had a boyfriend and desired to find a husband and raise a family . She  felt that the birthmark made her ugly and no one would want her. Lena was a prankster among her friends. Lena was having discipline problems with one of the older boys named Peter. Some parents including Peter’s were trying to get rid of Lena as teacher.

School board members were planning a meeting without letting Lena know.  The members was Grey, his father-in-law Michael, Enos and Jake. The parents with reasons to get rid of Lena were to be there too.

Lena’s friend, Deborah and Cara were thinking a prank to pull on Lena when Deborah had baked two cakes and found that  Lori had mistakenly put salt in the sugar canister so the cake was awful. She decided to play a prank by giving it to Lena. Lena would not try the cake in front of them but started home and decided to go talk to Aaron a man who kept a bull in a pasture next to the school playground but was not keeping the fences in good condition. Lena was afraid the bull would get out and hurt one of the kids.

Deborah, Ada’s helper had been engaged to Mahlon, Ada’s son. He had turned his back on the Amish and ran away. Deborah keeps having this feeling she is being watched but never sees anyone until one night she see Mahlon out by the barn. He wants her to see him to talk but not tell anyone he is in the area. She agrees. Deborah is starting to get over him and have feelings for Jonathan.  She meets him at a restaurant in town a few times and listens to his excuses as to why he left and that he wants to come back if she will still agree to marry him.  She tells him no she will not and that she will tell Ada he has been back in the area yet he did not try to see her. As Deborah leaves the restaurant she runs into Jonathon who had saw her talking to Mahlon. He gets very angry. He thinks Deborah has been  playing him along.

Grey and his wife Elsie have one son Ivan who was born with only one arm. Their second child was still born so Elsie refuses to be a wife to him and totally shuts herself away from him. A couple years have gone by and Grey has tried to get her to talk to him about why. She finaly says it because she is afraid she is genetically causing the problem and don’t want more children with defects. She doesn’t want other people to know how her marriage is falling apart. Grey talks her into get tests done to see if it is a genetic problem and also into allowing Lena to test Ivan to see if  he is slow.

Lena goes to school one day and upon opening the door and stepping inside she sees a puddle of blood under her chair. When she checks she sees a kitten with throat cut lying in her chair. She tries to clean it up and get the act buried before the kids get there. Also when the kids went out to play one of the chains on a swing had been  cut a boy fell and broke his arm. All of this causes more parents to complain. A few days later Grey and Elsie come by to see about Ivan’s test score. They hear Peter yelling at Lena and being very nasty. Grey goes in and tells him to sit down and then asked Elsie to take the other kids out to play while he and Lena get this problem fixed. Lena looks out a window and yells for Grey to get outside. Two boys are out in pasture with the bull and the bull is headed for them. Elsie gets in the field trying to draw the bull away from the boys. The boys get out and the bull is chasing Elsie. Grey tries to distract it but the bulls hits Elsie and kills her.

Read the rest to find out what happens to Lena, Grey, Ada, Deborah and the rest. Also find out who is trying to get rid of Lena. It is a very good read and I enjoyed it very much.

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