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The Centurion’s Wife by Davis Bunn and Janette Oke

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      The Centurion’s Wife

The Centurion’s Wife is book 1 of Acts of Faith. It is a story of a young girl named Leah who worked in the palace of Pontius Pilate. She took care of his wife, Procula. The story takes place around the Passover.

Procula had been in Jerusalem and came home with headaches and nightmare dreams. She told of Jesus’ crucifixion and how she had warned Pilate not to do anything to Jesus.

Leah had come to live in the palace when her Father had lost everything and died. She was thought of as Pilate’s niece. She shopped for food at the market as well as preparing baths and clothing for  the others.

One of the other servants tells Leah that he heard Pilate speaking about her. A centurion named Alban, from Gaul had asked  to be wed to her. Leah was very upset because she had seen her Father force her two older sisters into marriage. One sister committed suicide. Leah did not want to get married especially to a  man she had never met.

Alban was in Galilee ten days after Passover. He had a young boy, Jacob  twelve years old, that stayed near him.  Jesus had healed Jacob when he had been ill.  Alban had heard about Leah and thought marrying her could further his goals. Some of the soldiers came and told Alban about  the crucifixion.

Alban and his troops were headed into Golan valley to meet a man who had news for them. They located the shepherd told him where to find the Parthians who were robbing caravans and people.

They located the Parthians and were able to capture several with no losses to Alban’s men. The tied them up and took them back to the garrison. Alban is given the news that Pilate commands his presence. So he takes the two leaders of the thieves with him and his friend Linux so Pilate can see them.

Procula learns Herod has come to the palace and instructs Leah to go stand in the alcove so she could hear what was being said.  She hears the two men discussing about the followers of Jesus. They decide to send some one to try to find out what the followers had planned.

Herod comes up with the idea that Alban should be  betrothed to Leah whose Grandmother had been Jewish and  have them wedded in that manner. This would allow them to require Alban to do something before he could actually be with Leah. The something they wanted was for him to spy on the followers and find out if Jesus was dead, where his body is, and if His followers were planning a revolt.

When Alban arrives at the palace Herod wants to take the two leaders prisoner.  Alban agrees as well as agrees to being a spy in order to marry Leah.

Leah is told to prepare to go to Jerusalem. Leah is instructed to go to Jesus’ followers and find out why they are waiting around in Jerusalem. She bribes a few people to help her get information. A follower named Nedra  tells her Jesus has risen. She takes Leah to meet Mary Magdalene. Mary confirms that Jesus has risen. Leah returns to tell Procula what she has learned.

Alban goes  to see Joseph that had asked for Jesus’ body and buried him in his own tomb. Joseph tells him he has no idea where the body is but that Jesus did die and that if Rome would leave the area and leave them alone they would not need to worry about a revolt. Joseph said all he knows is the body vanished from the tomb. He suggests Alban speak with Caiaphas.

Caiaphas tells that the guards placed at the tomb said the followers had stolen the body.  Albans then goes to find the guards. This takes awhile as no one seems to know their whereabouts. When he finds one he learns that Caiaphas had paid them to say that the body was stolen. They suggest he locate a man named Atticus.

As both Leah and Alban continue to seek information their bethrothal takes place. Read the rest to see if Alban can get the answers needed to be married to Leah. Learn what they both discover that changes their lives.

I enjoyed  The Centurian’s Wife. It contains lots of Biblical facts written into behind the scenes.

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