The Damascus Way



The Damascus Way

The Damascus Way, Acts of Faith #3 written by Davis Bunn and Janette Oke.

This book continues on in the lives of Jacob and his sister Abagail.  Abagail and her daughter Dorcas plan to leave Jerusalem and go to live in Nain where she will take care of a merchant stall.  Alban had wanted Jacob to do this but he refused.  They decide to go by the way of Samaria. They find people there who are followers.  The people are concerned because Saul, of  Tarsus is trying kill all of the  followers of the Way like he had Stephen, Abigail’s husband.

The Damascus Way

The Damascus Way

Julia becomes one of the followers of The Way.  Her father Jamal is a wealthy merchant and Jacob works for him.  Julia discovers that Jamal has a wife and another family in Damascus.  She is upset with him because he never married her mother, Helena.  Julia has also learned he is trying to arrange a marriage for her.

Jacob discovers that Jamal traffics in frankincense which was contraband.

Julia is asked by Nathan to do some secret work for the followers and she reluctantly agrees.  Julia meets Jacob in this way.

Jamal decides to use Julia and Helena as a distraction to allow Jacob bring back another shipment of contraband. They get caught in a sand storm and have to stay in caves.

I enjoyed this book. Read it for yourself to see what happens.

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