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The Famous Classic Cartoon Bosses. Would you want to work for them?

We spend a lot of time remembering our favorite cartoon characters. Usually, the dumbest characters come to mind, but we forget about the people who kept our favorite cartoon characters employed (and unemployed at times). I bring you the class Cartoon Bosses…

Mr. Slate was a tough boss with a good heart. He always prized Fred Flintstone for his expertise in the rock quarry, but found it hard to fire him. He always teased Fred with tons of promotions and in the end, never quite gave him the job.

Would I want to work for Mr. Slate? Yes. He was not that bad of a boss.

Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth led the Planet Express in Futurama. His senility and experience made him a boss who received mixed reviews from the crew. He was not a tough boss, but made his crew work against space bees, nasty aliens, and work on planets with hostile environments. If it was not for his clone Qubert, a nasty little boy version of a senile old man, Professor Farnsworth would have lost the respect of his crew including the respect of Dr. Zoidberg, the lobster doctor.

Any Futurama fan will tell you that one of Professor Farnsworth’s trademark phrases was “Good news, everyone…” which always meant “Hey everyone, I have a dangerous job for you, but I am B.S.ing all of you, because you can get killed.”

Would I want to work for Mr. Farnsworth? Hell No! He could have gotten me killed on the job. That “Good news, everyone” just makes me sick.

Mr Krabbs from Spongebob Squarepants

Mr Slate from the Flintstones

Mr Krabbs was Spongebob Squarerpants’s boss at the Krusty Krab and one of the nicest bosses to work for. He never fired his employees, but screwed them over out of a lot of money. He was very good at making money, but also a greedy man, er sea creature.

Would I want to work for Mr. Farnsworth? Yes, but not as a crabby patty cook. I would want to become his accountant.


Mr Spacely from the Jetsons

Professor Farnsworth from Futurama

Mr. Spacely was George Jetson’s boss in the Jetsons. The little man had a huge voice and often made George do some really crazy jobs. Mr. Spacely was manipulative, abusive, and downright nasty to his employees. If the Jetsons was a real life story, Mr. Spacely probably would have been sued by his secretary for sexual harrassment.

Would I want to work for Mr. Farnsworth? No. He was not a nice boss.

Mr. Burns from the Simpsons


Mr. Burns was Homer Simpson’s boss and although a nice guy to work for, he was very sneaky and underhanded. We never knew exactly what Mr. Burns was up to and that is what was so scary about him.

Would I want to work for him? I am not sure. He was a very rich man, but didn’t give out raises much.


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  1. Love the Flintstones! I don’t think I’d want any of them for my boss ;)

  2. I always remember Mr.Bruns for wearing homer’s brain as a hat in one of the halloween specials. “look at me, I’M davey crockett!”…

  3. “JETSON!!!!!” Ha Ha – I love the Jetsons. What’s funny is I will sometimes catch the show playing on Hub or some obscure channel and I still hope…

    Thank you for the laugh with this clever famous classic cartoon bosses post! You’re a treasure here at WebNuggetz.

  4. Mr. Burns as “my boss”…..No Way!


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