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The Harvest of Grace ( An Ada’s House Series #3)

 The Harvest Of Grace ( An Ada’s House Series #3)

The Harvest of Grace is written by Cindy Woodsmall.  This is book 3 of the series.  It introduces us to a new person Sylvia, who is the oldest of 8 daughters.  Her Daed is a dairy farmer and has allowed Sylvia to work with the cattle but not the crops or financial matters.

Sylvia finds her Daed talking to her boyfriend Elam one day going over crops and finances.  This bothers her.  Elam then asks Sylvia to marry him and she asks him to wait for her answer.  A few weeks later she discovers that Elam has asked Beckie her sister to marry him and Beckie has said yes. They will be given her Grandfather’s house that was supposed to been Sylvia’s.

Sylvia stays and helps on the farm for a year or so.  Her sister, Beckie and both twin babies had whooping cough so Sylvia is asked to go take care of them since she had already had a vaccination for it.  After several weeks Elam finds Sylvia in the barn and they kiss.  Sylvia knows she has to leave the area and finds a job working on the dairy farm of  Michael and Dora Blank.

The Harvest of Grace

The Harvest of Grace

Michael and Dora had lost several children shortly after birth.  They had a daughter Elsie who died at age 28 when a bull attacked her and a son Aaron who had left home to go to rehab for alcoholism.  Michael had been diagnosed with arthritis and had difficulty at times with running the farm.

Aaron Blank has finished rehab and returns home.  He finds someone living  in an old cabin that he had used as a hide away during his drinking and thinks it is some of  his drinking crowd and intends to chase them off.

When he breaks a glass to get in he finds the cabin clean and a lady, Sylvia,  in the bathtub.   Sylvia throws a hammer at him and hits him in the knee and explains this is her home and that she works for his daed.

Book Bag

Book Bag

Aaron had returned home to try to make up with his parents and persuade them to move to another town and help him in an appliance store and live above the store. His Daed did not want much to do with him and did not trust him

Aaron had a few weeks before he had to go run the store so was going to stay there and help on the farm.

Grey Graber, Elsie’s widower, has fallen in love with Lena Kauffman, who had been the Amish school teacher. They were waiting for a reasonable time of mourning before they publicly courted.  Lena’s Daed, Israel, had fallen in love with  the Widow Stoltzfus.  Ephriam Mast is still courting Cara.  Cara is trying to learn Pennsylvania Dutch so she can become a member of the Amish Church and marry Ephriam.

Cara’s dad, Trevor  is still hanging around the area and Cara is trying to deal with the anger she feels about him walking off and leaving her in a bus station when she was 8 years old.

The Harvest of Grace is a very  interesting book and if you want to find out what happens to Sylvia and Aaron as well as all the others grab a book and read.

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