The Healing

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The Healing, A Book Review

The Healing is a book of Amish romance written by Wanda E.Brunstetter.
Samuel Fisher’s pregnant wife, Elsie has fallen down the steps and died leaving Samuel with 4 small children. When Samuel is buried in grief he decides it will be best for him and the children if he moves away from memories.  Samuel decides to leave PA and moves to KY where his brother Titus lives.
Titus has a wood working shop and plans to marry Suzanne Yoder in the fall.
Esther Beiler has been working at her parents store in KY when her parents get word that her brother Dan has MS.  Her parents sell the store and move to PA to help Dan.  Esther decides to stay in KY.  This means she will need a job.
Titus’ friend Alan Walters, an Englisher is a contractor who buys older houses and remodels and then resells them, offers to buy a house from Bonnie Taylor .

The Healing

The Healing

Bonnie was willed the house by her grandparents when they died.  She decides to not sell and instead open a bed and breakfast.  The house requires some repairs and Alan tells her about Samuel looking for work.  Bonnie hires Samuel and he needs a sitter for his little ones.  Esther is free and takes that job and also agrees to help Bonnie in the B&B.  Will love bloom between these people? If you want to know what happens in the lives of these people grab the book and enjoy.

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