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The Hidden Flame ( Acts of Faith book 2)

The Hidden Flame – A Book Review

The Hidden Flame is the second book of the Acts of Faith Series by Davis Bunn and Janette Oke.

In Book one of this series Abigail has found her little brother Jacob who she thought was dead.  Abigail was also burned badly when she was doing laundry and the hot water spilled on her leg.

This story picks up with Abigail still having difficulty with her walking and the leg is not healing well. Her friends Leah and her new husband Alban are forced to leave because Herod is trying to capture them.  Alban tells Jacob to stay there.  Jacob is then assigned to work in a carpentry shop which he dislikes as he has his heart set on being a Roman soldier.

Abigail works dispensing food to the hungry.  Many are coming to hear about Jesus and the crowds of hungry people are growing.

The Hidden Flame

The Hidden Flame

As the crowds grow the Pharisees and Sadducees get more and more disturbed and want to stop  the teaching.  Several of the Followers of The Way were selling all they had and giving it to the leader.  Among the followers were Ananias and Sapphira.  Sapphira was the sister of Ezra who a rich merchant who had recently lost his wife.  Ezra does not like his sister being with The Followers as he is close friends to Gamaliel, a priest in the Temple.

Ezra decided to go with them to one of the meetings to gather information for the Priest.  Ezra did not believe all the talk of  “Signs and Wonders” happening but he wanted to see for himself.  While Ezra waited to talk to some of the leaders he saw Abigail and decided he wanted her for his wife.  He tells Sapphira of his desire and that he will give her two parcels of land if she will speak to the leaders and try to arrange this.

Sapphira accepts the land and starts to try to arrange this but at the same time Linux a friend of Alban decides he wants to marry Abigail.  The leaders arrange a meeting of Abigail and both men but she does not want to be given to either one and does not understand why they would want a wife with a bad limp.

Sapphira and her husband feel they need to sell the parcels of land but they want to keep part of the money so they agree to lie to the leaders and tell them they received less  and that the money they give is the full price they received.

Ananias goes and takes the money and when Peter asked if this was the amount they had received he said yes.  Peter tells him he has lied to the Holy Spirit and Ananias falls dead.  Peter has some men to take his body to bury it. A short time later Sapphira comes and Peter asks her the same thing and she says yes, Peter tells her that her husband had lied to the Holy Spirit and died and now she has lied also and she falls dead and is carried out and buried.

Ezra is upset about his sister selling the land and about her death and blames The Followers.  He is also upset because they will not give him Abigail so sets out to get revenge.

Abigail’s leg is totally healed by a miracle. She is betrothed to Stephen.

The rest of the story tells more of Alban and Leah, Jacob, Linux, Stephen, and Abigail. It is a very good book to read and quite enjoyable.

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