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The importance and power of RSS feeds for your website.

I talk to a lot of internet marketers, social media marketing professionals, and bloggers who seem to ignore the the usage of RSS feeds. Big mistake! RSS feeds are the most powerful internet marketing tool, more powerful than social media, blogs, and twitter put together.

I have gotten so much traffic to my blogs because I push my RSS feeds and you can as well. It is all free and easy.

Syndication simply means “distributing your content to other channels”. It is that simple and not really technical at all. That all means that your blog can be distributed onto other websites automatically every single time you add a new blog post. THOSE websites can publish YOUR blog posts.

All of the people using YOUR RSS feed will automatically see every single time you add a new blog post without your needing to inform them. The new blog article just shows up in their RSS reader. That’s really powerful and saves you and your subscribers a lot of time.

With RSS feeds, nobody has to check your blog for new content. They just see the new articles automatically.

Think Seinfeld or any Television Program with Reruns…That’s What Syndication Is All About! Here is how it pertains to your blogs…What does Seinfeld have to do with RSS Feed? A Lot!!!

Ok, you may not be a Seinfeld fan or you may love the show, any television show that has reruns is what syndication is all about and TV reruns demonstrate the power of RSS Feeds. How?

When Seinfeld was on the air on NBC from 1989 to 1998, you could only get it on NBC. Ever since it went off the air 13 years ago, it has aired as reruns on TBS, Fox, WB and other local television stations. Those 3 networks now provide Seinfeld content and make it easy for MORE people to see the Seinfeld content.

If you get 100 websites to publish your RSS Feed on their websites, they ALL publish your content.

The New York Times has over 25 RSS feeds on their website. Check them out athttp://www.nytimes.com/services/xml/rss/index.html and you will know what I am talking about. The New Times syndicates EVERYTHING on their website through RSS Feeds.

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  1. Wonderful! But I need more. Explain to me how to promote my RSS feeds. How do I get a hundred websites to use my RSS? Another article please.

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