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The Interdimensional Dumpster by Ray Connor

The Interdimensional Dumpster is a children’s book. Willie Ford, a 12 year old adopted boy discovers that he had been found in a dumpster. A thief had committed a robbery and when the police got after him he jumped into a dumpster and was never caught. When the police looked in the dumpster all they found was this little boy. The policeman and wife adopted him 10 years ago.

Willie’s playmates were all adopted too. One day while they were playing they accidentally came to this same dumpster. They went in the dumpster and found they were transported to a different land where there were dragons, just like in the video game they liked to play. As they search out this new land they try to figure out how to get past the dragons.

They found out that is land was governed by an evil king and the people there were treated badly. Willie and his friends try to figure out a way to help them. In the mean time their parents are searching all over town trying to find them. The clues keep bringing them back to this dumpster but where are the children?

The Interdimensional Dumpster is the first in a series of Willie and his friends. It was a good read and I think most young children would enjoy it.


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