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The Mighty Thor

Thor Odinson

Hollywood has just recently released the movie Thor.  In preparation for the upcoming blockbuster The Avengers.  The Mighty Thor was one of the original Avengers.  He has had his own long running comic title for over 40 years.  He has been featured in dozens of other comics.  He has appeared with the Incredible Hulk on TV.  Television has also produced a new Avengers animated show featuring the Mighty Thor.  Of all the mythological heroes from the ancient world, Thor is definitely one of the most popular.

The son of Odin, king of the gods.  Defender of  Asgard, slayer of frost giants that continually threaten his home. And protector of Midgard (Earth), Thor’s new found home away from home. Thor wields his mighty hammer, Mjolnir ( myol-neer ), when in battle against great foes.  And in times of great distress, Thor can bring forth a mighty thunderbolt with the power of Mjolnir.  Almost no opponent has ever walked away from a battle with The Mighty Thor save for the Incredible Hulk, as Hulk is the strongest there is.

So welcome fans of The Mighty Thor.  This Nugget features posters, t-shirts and more with the image of Marvel comics Thor.  I hope you find something you like.  Thor has been one of my personal favorites since I was a kid. From his battles with the Midgard serpent, Jörmungandr; to his epic fights with the Incredible Hulk. Always holding honor above victory or his own pride. So please leave a brief comment and let us know your favorite story about The Mighty Thor.


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Thor poster

Thor Movie Poster

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