Avoid Cardiovascular Disease And Coronary Heart Disease

Many people would like to know how to avoid cardiovascular disease and coronary heart disease, and need to know how to choose the right vitamins. Good quality vitamins and nutritional health supplements can assist you in health matters, and to prevent cardiovascular and coronary heart disease being key.  I am going to help you with some suggestions, below.

Here are some men’s health issues that can be improved with the right vitamins:

  • male fertility support
  • cardiovascular disease and coronary heart disease with normal blood pressure
  • losing muscle mass
  • body mass index
  • joint pain and stiffness (chronic fatigue syndrome)

Here are some common health issues that women would like to know how to improve:

  • hormone balance
  • thyroid levels support
  • cardiovascular disease and coronary heart disease with normal blood pressure
  • body mass index and insulin resistance
  • skin and hair quality
  • joint pain and stiffness (chronic fatigue syndrome)

Men,  women and children sometimes have  issues with:

  • mental focus and memory
  • mental clarity
  • body mass index
  • sleep problems
  • coronary heart disease or cardiovascular disease with normal blood pressure – yes even kids!

The right vitamins are the ones put together by a medical doctor or nutritionally trained health practitioner who understands how to improve your health. Certain vitamins, and other health nutrients like minerals, herbs and amino acids, act in concert to feed and restore our cells. Our cells need to be able to easily absorb nutrition and produce energy for us.

After energy has been produced, then the cells stay healthy by getting rid of the waste products from the metabolism. As long as this inflow-outflow keeps up, you have lots of energy, sleep well, and life is good.

As we age, our body collects wastes, our cell walls get stiff and do not absorb nutrients as well. As this situation worsens, your energy declines.

The right vitamins will be combined to resolve issues on a cellular level, in order to allow the cell walls to absorb all nutrients better, as well as to introduce more of certain nutrients.

A very popular nutrient, COQ10, comes in different forms and different combinations. COQ10 increases blood flow per heartbeat. It is easy to understand how your energy is affected, if your rate of blood pumped per beat has decreased. Brain, muscles, digestion, concentration – every physical process depends on our blood flow! Three important facts about COQ10 that you must know:

  • COQ10 is largely used in the heart muscle and can help avoid cardiovascular disease and coronary heart disease
  • your levels start declining after the YOUNG AGE OF 30
  • statin drugs rob your body of COQ10 (increasing potential for cardiovascular disease) so you must supplement if you take statin drugs!

The clinical details are vast, and I hope I’ve given you the general idea about COQ10, just as one example of the right vitamins.

How To Improve Your Health

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