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Good Reads: The Roman Mysteries by Caroline Lawrence

Do you enjoy mysteries?

Do you enjoy it when history is made interesting instead of just being tested on how well you can recall dates, events and names of people and places?

Think you might like reading an historical mystery series?

(Written for young readers but nobody has to know you’re an adult. One of my guilty pleasures is reading childrens’ books.)

Here is a recommendation. This series has won awards. It’s called The Roman Mysteries and was written by Caroline Lawrence. Her goal for undertaking this task was to entertain children while reading and educate them about this ancient civilization. She succeeded. In fact her books received praise from teachers and parents, as well as awards and recognition. This is not the only mystery series she has written but since it deals with life in ancient Rome which is one of my favorite topics, it is being recommended for mystery lovers who also have an interest in the Roman Empire.

Set in 1st century A.D., Book 1 of the series is titled “The Thieves of Ostia”. The last of the series, Book 17 is “Man from Pomegranate Street”. The reading material targets ages 10 through 14 and the novels are available in various formats: hard copy, audio, digital, etc.


Here is the complete Roman Mysteries series:

The Thieves of Ostia (1)

The Secrets Of Vesuvius (2)

The Pirates Of Pompeii (3)

The Assassins Of Rome (4)

The Dolphins Of Laurentum (5)

The Twelve Tasks Of Flavia Gemina (6)

The Enemies Of Jupiter (7)

The Gladiators From Capua (8)

The Colossus Of Rhodes (9)

The Fugitive From Corinth (10)

The Sirens Of Surrentum (11)

The Charioteer Of Delphi (12)

The Slave-Girl From Jerusalem (13)

The Beggar Of Volubilis (14)

The Scribes From Alexandria (15)

The Prophet From Ephesus (16)

The Man From Pomegranate Street (17)

The Slave-Girl From Jerusalem

This exciting adventure recreates the siege at Masada.

Caroline Lawrence has also written other historical mystery series. Click here.

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  1. Gypzeerose

    The Roman mysteries sound fascinating. I love historical novels.

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