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The Softest Kinds of Carpet

Choosing the Perfect Carpet

There are many factors that you should keep in mind if you are shopping for carpet. One consideration is durability, while another is texture. Carpet texture ranges from very rough to extremely soft, and it depends on the arrangement of the fibers and how they are cut. There are also certain materials, such as wool, that will provide an even softer feel.

Cable Carpet: An Introduction to Luxury

Cable carpet is a type of cut pile, which means that the loops are cut to create the carpet’s surface. The loops are created from very thick fibers, which allow it to be extremely durable. Cable carpet is very soft, but its thick strands keep it from showing footprints or vacuum lines. However, cable carpet will show wear more quickly over time.

Cable carpet may be your ideal choice for bedrooms or living room. Its soft texture is perfect for kids that do homework on the floor or guests that are reclining as they watch a movie. Follow the manufacturer’s directions to ensure that your cable carpet lasts as long as possible while retaining its beautiful appearance.

Plush Carpet: The Comfortable Middle Ground

Plush carpet, also known as velvet carpet, allows homeowners to enjoy soft carpet without emptying their pocketbooks. Plush carpet is created by lightly twisting strands of fibers before the loops are cut. The result is a soft carpet that has an elegant sheen, which many homeowners prefer to use in their more formal rooms. Plush carpet bends easily, so it shows footprints and vacuum lines. It also reacts poorly to high temperatures, which means that many carpet cleaning devices may cause the material to become distorted. The color and vibrancy of plush carpet may fade over time, but the change can be delayed by protecting the fibers with special sealers.

If you are considering installing plush carpet in your home, read the manufacturer’s directions to ensure that your carpet remains as durable as it is beautiful. You may also want to use it primarily in your master bedroom or your formal dining room, which are elegant rooms that will not receive as much traffic. For other areas of the house, consider purchasing soft and durable Tigressa carpet. Its beautiful color, sheen and texture will make your floor as inviting as the rest of your home.

Saxony Carpet: Walking on Clouds


Saxony style carpet is the softest carpet on the market, and it is often the most expensive carpet available.


Saxony carpet is composed of fibers that are woven closely together. The fibers are looped and then cut to create a soft, even surface. Its luxurious feel makes it ideal for homeowners who want to feel pampered as they walk across their floors. Many consumers prefer Saxony carpet for their living rooms and bedrooms. The fibers are soft enough to flex underweight but strong enough to endure moderate levels of traffic. Some homeowners are deterred from using Saxony carpet because of its tendency to show footprints. However, the fibers can be fluffed up to eliminate any marks. Saxony carpet has become even more popular now that stain-resistant versions have been introduced to the market.

If you plan to use Saxony carpet in your house, you may want to add some decorative rugs in entryways or areas that will see more use. This will help protect your investment to ensure that it lasts its designated lifetime.

With the many styles of carpet available, it can be difficult to determine which one is best for your home. As you browse the carpet aisles, read each description carefully. Imagine how your carpet will be used and how heavy the traffic will be. These factors will help you decide which soft, luxurious carpet should be featured in your home.

So, do you have soft carpet in your home? What kind do you prefer?

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