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The Voca People Have Landed!

The Voca People

Have you seen the Voca People? More importantly, have you heard them?  The Voca People are an amazing a capella singing group from Israel who claim to be aliens from planet Voca, and judging by their costumes they might just be telling the truth about that!  And now they’ve landed in the United States, performing this summer off Broadway in New York City!

The Voca People’s voices are amazing as they create beautiful harmony with enough beatbox thrown in to make it interesting and enough humor to make their performances fun.  You’ll recognize most of what they sing as the Voca People take listeners through musical history.  And don’t expect to just sit and watch.  These aliens get their audience involved, so be prepared to have a great time as you enjoy the music.

If you’re lucky enough to be in New York City this summer, try to fit in a performance  by the Voca People at the Westside Theatre.  You can purchase Voca People tickets, learn more about this unique ensemble, and listen to and watch a glimpse of what to expect from a concert by aliens from the planet Voca right here on this page.

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  1. I would love to see the Voca people have landed.

  2. Always knew that Aliens were among us. Great Post Thanks!!!

  3. I bet it would be amazing to see the Voca People in person. Maybe I’ll get to catch them on TV some time.

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