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The Wonder of Your Love



The Wonder of Your Love, A Book Review

The Wonder of Your Love is an  Amish Romance story by Beth Wiseman.

Katie Ann lives in Colorado with her 2 month old son Jonas. Her husband Ivan had died in an auto accident after he had left Katie Ann for an Englisher woman, Lucy, who lived in Lancaster County PA. Katie Ann had no family and lives next to Ivan’s brother and family.

David and Emily, another Amish couple, are getting married. David is Ivan’s nephew. Emily’s uncle, Eli Detweiler has came for the wedding. He has been a widower for 17 years and raised 6 children by himself and now that his youngest daughter has married, he plans to travel. Everyone is trying to be match maker and get Eli and Katie Ann together.

Martha, an Englisher who lives near Katie Ann is a good friend who helps her with the baby. Martha invites Eli to supper at Katie Ann’s. He comes and enjoys the meal but is determined not to get involved though he enjoys holding Jonas. He comes almost every day to visit and invites Katie Ann and Jonas to go sightseeing with him and they go two times. He is getting more and more hung up on Katie Ann.

The Wonder of Your Love

The Wonder of Your Love

Eli gets ready to leave and decides to ask for Katie Ann’s address and phone number so he can write and call her once in awhile. He calls her almost every night and writes too. Katie finds that she has fallen in love with him but don’t think he is interested.

Martha tells Katie Ann that she is going to have surgery and will probably die. Katie Ann calls Arnold, Martha’s friend and tells him with out Martha knowing. The day of the surgery Arnold shows up at the hospital and finds that Martha is doing fine and will be released the next day. Danielle, Martha’s room mate has been badly beaten but she refuses to tell who did it. The dr’s are wanting to release her too.

The Wonder of Your Love is a very good Amish Romance. Read it to find out what happens.

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