Thomas Kinkade Centerpieces, Trees & Figurines

Thomas Kinkade Collectibles; Tabletop Trees, Centerpieces & Figurines

If you are looking for beautiful tabletop centerpieces, or other figurines to display during the Christmas season, or other times of the year, look no further! These Thomas Kinkade figurines and Christmas trees will brighten your home with joy!

Each collectible figurine and tree featured here was designed by Thomas Kinkade. Notice the intricate details, and touches of light throughout these designs. You’ll be proud and overjoyed to display these in your home.

Give a Thomas Kinkade collectible to family and friends as gifts for any occasion, too. They will enjoy these just as much as you do!

Thomas Kinkade is known as “The Painter of Light,” because he tries to incorporate touches of light throughout his art designs. He is well known for his beautiful work on paintings, figurines, and more.

Thomas Kinkade Centerpieces

Nothing generates a touch of Christmas cheer better than a jolly snowman! And what better way to capture the spirit of a Thomas Kinkade Christmas than with a crystal snowman or a wonderful Santa! Each are perfectly designed to reveal an entire Thomas Kinkade winter world that’s bustling with holiday life.

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Thomas Kinkade Figurines

Renowned as the Painter of Light™, Thomas Kinkade brought his unique vision to art’s vast canvas and was beloved by millions the world over. Because of his uncanny ability to capture a heavenly vision of light through faith and nature, his legacy still shines brightly today. In fact, many of the legendary painter’s masterpieces have become highly sought-after works of art revered by collectors, while the images and scenes he created have reached an almost iconic level of appreciation. The selection of collectible figurines below reflects the passions and interests of many, while upholding the individuality and distinction of singular focused artistry.

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Thomas Kinkade Trees

Christmas wouldn’t be the same without one or more of these gorgeous Thomas Kinkade Christmas trees being displayed in your home. The intricate details are truly amazing on these sculptures, and they are painted with brilliant displays of light and love.

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