Tin Tiles for Backsplash and Ceiling

Tin Tiles for Your Walls and Ceilings

For a fresh new look in your kitchen, try tin tiles as a backsplash! These are especially gorgeous in a French Country Kitchen.

You’ll also find tin ceiling tiles here (plus a whole lot more), that you can use in any room in your house to give it a new look and design element. Add some shine and texture to your home with these fabulous tin tiles!

Many older, Victorian style homes featured tin tiles on their kitchen ceilings. They give your room a rustic look, too, which I love.

There are some terrific options to choose from here!

Tin Tiles for Kitchen Backsplash

Tin tiles are perfect for a kitchen backsplash. They will add detail and interest to your wall while giving it a touch of shine and glimmer. The rustic look of tin tiles looks great in a French country or country kitchen, as well as a traditional or contemporary kitchen. If you are redecorating, consider tin tiles for your backsplash. They are less costly than ceramic tiles, too, and you can replace them easily, if necessary.

 Brylanehome Floral Embossed Tin TilesSee Details BrylaneHome Floral Embossed Tin Tiles (SILVER,0)See Details

Stainless Steel Metal 1×3 Mosiac Sheets for Backsplash, Shower Walls, Bathroom Floors

These brick style stainless steel tiles are meshed on a 10.5 x 10.5 sheet that makes 0.77 sqf. Each pc is 0.75″ x 2.75.” Use them as a kitchen backsplash, on shower walls or on bathroom floors. These pretty tin tiles are classic and fun to decorate with.

Silver Stainless Steel Metal 0.75 xSee Details

Video: Installing a Tin Metal Tile Backsplash

More Backsplash Tile Options You’ll Love

 Sunflower Kitchen Backsplash Tin Tiles – Set Of 14 By Collections EtcCHECK PRICE

Tin Tiles for Ceilings

I love the look of a tin ceiling. Whether you preserve the old ones already there, or you replace them with brand new ones, it gives your home a warm and welcoming atmosphere, and becomes a focal point in your home. Many people not only use tin tiles on their ceilings in the kitchen, but also in their dining rooms and other rooms in their home. You can also use these to create interest on a wall in your home. They are larger than the backsplash tiles and are very easy to work with.

 Ceiling Tile – Faux Tin Like – Anet Antique Silver 20×20″CHECK PRICE  Faux Tin Silver Ceiling Tile, Glue On,staple On,tape On,nail OnCHECK PRICE Ceiling Tile – Faux Like Tin – Anet Antique Copper Graphite 20×20″CHECK PRICE

PVC Tin Looking Ceiling Tiles

These tiles are light and easy to work with. They can be glued, taped and nailed to your ceiling, and once they are up, you’ll never know they aren’t real tin. They look magnificent and add beauty to any room in your home!

 Majesty Antique Copper Patina (24×24″ Pvc) Ceiling TileCHECK PRICE Majesty Antique Copper Chocolate (24×24″ Pvc) Ceiling TileCHECK PRICE

Astana Antique Copper Black (24×24

You can glue or nail these ceiling tiles made of PVC material. They are easy to cut and can be painted a color of your choice, if you want something different from the copper and black they come in. They look like tin and will make a nice addition to any ceiling or walls in your home.

 Astana Antique Copper Black (24×24″ Pvc) Ceiling TileCHECK PRICE

Ceiling Tile – Faux Like Tin – Alfa Antique Copper Patina 20×20

These tiles are made from a high quality Polystyrene foam that can be adhered with most Mastic ceramic tile adhesive and can be painted with most water or latex based paints. These can also easily be placed over popcorn ceilings for a new look and feel in your living room, kitchen, dining room and more.

 Ceiling Tile – Faux Like Tin – Alfa Antique Copper Patina 20×20″CHECK PRICE

More Ceiling Tile Options You’ll Love

Tin ceiling tiles offer a vintage look to your home. If you are restoring an older home, or want the appeal of an older home, consider placing tin tiles in some of the rooms. Popular rooms include the kitchen and foyer areas.

 Faux Antique Copper #303ur Plastic Ul Rated Ceiling TilCHECK PRICE R39W 20 x 20 Tin Looking Ceiling TileCHECK PRICE

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