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Toddler Animal Costumes

Your Toddler Will Look Adorable in an Animal Costume for Halloween!

There certainly are some cute toddler animal costumes on the market today! I think I’ve found some of the cutest to share here with you!

From farm animals to jungle animals, and cute little dogs, you’ll find an awesome assortment of animal costumes here for toddlers and babies.

Your little gal or guy will be a hit at your next costume event when you dress her or him as a popular animal. Kids normally love animals, and they will enjoy dressing up as their favorite. They will also enjoy the photos you take of them in their adorable outfit!

The toddler costume featured above is available in sizes up to 2T. This pink poodle costume is absolutely adorable. She will melt hearts everywhere she goes in this cute outfit!


Dog Costumes for Infants and Toddlers

Kids Love Animals

Animals play important roles in many children’s lives. They have pets of their own, or play with neighborhood pets. From dogs and cats, to hamsters and rabbits, animals feel and give love, and allowing your child to be around them develops compassion and caring at a young age.

Why not let your child dress up as his or her favorite animal for Halloween or another costume event that’s coming up in their life?

When you get your child dressed and ready to go, make sure you pause to capture some photos for a memory book or scrapbook that you can make for them to present it to them when they are older.

You will enjoy making memories for your child, and everyone will enjoy their cuteness and the fun costume you have dressed them in!

Jungle Costumes for Toddlers

Lions and tigers and monkeys, oh my! These jungle animal costumes are perfect for your little guy or gal. They are simple to put on and keep on, too! And just think how cute your photos will turn out. From an elephant with his long nose to a parrot with his pretty colors, these jungle animal costumes are fun and fabulous!!!

Bee Poem
by Margaret Ann Brown

Buzz around you cute little bee, buzz around beside of me.

Don’t you sting, no don’t you dare.

Float away without a care…

Bee Costumes for Toddlers

Ladybug and Butterfly Costumes for Toddlers

Insect costumes are so much fun! Your toddler can flit around the party or your home pretending she (or he) is flying. There are lady bug costumes for boys and girls and an adorable butterfly costume for toddlers, too!

Halloween Party Ideas

*Keep Food Simple

*Consider cupcakes, chips and dip and a vegetable platter to present to guests. If you want some sort of meat dish, meatballs or finger sandwiches will suffice.

*Offer Age Appropriate Games

*If there will be kids and adults attending, offer games that everyone can enjoy together, or offer areas for children and areas for adults.

*Award Costume Ribbons

*Ribbons or trophies can be purchased on Amazon.com. Consider costume awards for funniest, cutest, scariest, best overall and any others you desire.


*Play Halloween music in the background, but don’t have it so loud as to take away people’s enjoyment of the party.


*Decorate with pumpkins, spider webs, skeletons and more. Have fun Halloween themed plates, napkins, cups and table coverings, too!

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