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Top Of Foot Pain In Dance Pointe Shoes

Taking ballet classes, or adult ballet class, in dance pointe shoes, particularly if you have started before you are strong enough to dance in pointe shoes, will reveal  weaknesses in your foot structure that probably you were never aware of.

In this case, and under any circumstances,  if you experience top of foot pain, please see a health practitioner to determine that you do not have a stress fracture.

Top of foot pain can occur if your arch is flattening out. The arch collapsing increases pressure on the top of the foot, causing the bones to compress together, called dorsal compression syndrome.

Growth spurts, weight gain and hormonal changes that affect ligaments may change the strength of your arch. Wearing flip-flops, unstructured shoes, and soft slippers at home, or bare feet, can aggravate this problem.

Unfortunately the familiar human growth and aging stages are completely thrown off due to the deterioration of food quality and food additives and contaminants. If you are working toward, or are dancing in ballet toe shoes, you need extra everything–proteins, vitamins, minerals and good pure water.

If you have ruled out a stress fracture for your top of foot pain, and if you are doing special pointe shoe exercises, and you still have foot pain, take a look at the footwear you have for home, daily use and other work outs.

If you wear sneakers to school, make sure you have shoes with a good arch support and a well built heel that will not allow you to pronate, or roll inwards, flattening your arch.

At home, don’t wear bare feet all the time. Get some slippers with an arch support, or flip-flops with an arch support.

Over the counter orthotics with some arch support are better than none, if custom-made orthotics are not an option for you.

Soaking your feet with magnesium chloride flakes or Epsom Salts absorbs magnesium into your body. This feeds and relaxes your muscles. Give your tired feet a massage too!

Icing painful feet decreases inflammation and pain.

There is much a dancer can do to diminish top of foot pain. If you are a devoted dancer  and practice at home, get some great ballet tips from The Ballet Bible. You’ll get stronger in your ballet barre exercises and dance pointe shoes.

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