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Towel Radiators

Towel Radiators
Remodeling your home or bathroom?  Is your current bathroom cold and damp? Then I have a solution for your problem. You can now turn your old gloomy bathroom into a stylish room that is full of warmth and luxury. Adding towel radiators to your bathroom will solve the problem and make your bathroom a place you will enjoy more each time you visit. Learn more about towel radiators and how they can change the way you live in your home.

What is a Towel Radiator

What exactly is a towel radiator you might ask? A towel radiator is a small low heat radiator that is used to cool small rooms during the colder months. Towel radiators come in various shapes and are made of chrome, aluminum and stainless steel. Towel radiators are available in all sorts of colors and they can even be custom designed and painted to meet your needs.

Towel Radiator Uses

Towel radiators are most commonly used for heating small rooms such as bathrooms and pantry areas but are there other uses? Imagine waking up on a cool morning and having a warm robe to slip into, with a towel radiator it has become possible because of its low heat and most have a programmable thermostat that starts and stops when set. Towel radiators are also perfect for hanging your wet towel after bathing this will prevent the towel from getting mildewed or moldy. Towel radiators will also decrease the moisture in the room and prevent windows from steaming up. Towel radiators have many uses and are a great investment for your home improvement.

Video of Different Towel Radiators

Watch this video to see some of the different designs of Towel Radiators that are available today. When selecting your new towel radiator be prepared for the wide selection that you have this video only touches the tip of what you can get in a Towel Radiator.


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  1. Oh, wow.  My dream bathroom now has a towel radiator!  Just waiting for my dreams come true! 

  2. Wouldn’t it be great to have warm towels on a cold winter day?

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