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Best Toy Drum Sets for Toddlers (and pre-schoolers)

Toddlers LOVE Drum Sets!

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Fisher-Price Big Bang Drumset with Lights

Toddlers LOVE music and especially Drum Sets!

What a great gift to keep a little one busy with music and have lots of fun. Toddlers will enjoy the hands on music skills and be so proud of themselves.

They can sing along to the beat or play along with their favorite TV show. Either way they will feel like a big boy or girl drummer ready for the stage.

A Sturdy Solid Wood Drum You Can Order Here

Lights, Action and Learning for Toddlers and Preschool

VTech KidiBeats Kids Drum SetVTech KidiBeats Kids Drum Set

If your toddler likes lights and action, this toy drum set is sure to please. Not only is it a fun drum set, but a learning tool with many options.

The set includes settings for songs that your toddler can play along with or they can play free style. Another setting on this toy drum set for toddlers features learning about letters and numbers. There is much fun to be had and at a great price.

Also Available In PINK…….ORDER HERE

Super Fun Hand Held Drums

The most fun for toddlers are drum sets they can take and go. These are the drums ready to play anywhere and anytime. Easy sizes for grasping with plenty of colors, buttons, lights and sounds.

 WolVol Musical Double Pat Drum Toy with Lights and Many Interesting Sound Effects – Great toy for toddlers Little Tikes Tap-A-Tune Drum Kidoozie Flash Beat Drum – with Lights Sounds and Music for Ages 12 Months and Up

I Think This is the Cutest Toy Drum Set for Toddlers That I Have Found

 Electronic Junior Rock Band Baby Learning Musical Drum Set

If you are looking for a full toy drum set for your toddler, this is it!
This one has it all, with everything to keep your kiddo happy and having fun for hours of play.

This colorful set includes multiple mode settings with music and lights, three drums, a cymbal, drumsticks and even a stool for comfortable playing.

Colorful Frog and Lily Pad Drum Set

Who Can Resist?!!

 B. Ribbit-Tat-Tat Drum

The best feature (other than it ROCKS!) of this adorable toddlers drum set is the playback feature. How cool is that, when little ones can record their own music and play it again for Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa? I know, right, it’s fabulous!

Not to mention favorite toddler songs, light up lily pads and frog sounds to get the giggling going.

Simple Hand Drums Spark Creativity

 Hohner Kids Hand Drum Musical Toy, Blue Rhythm Band Hand Drums 8 in. REMO Drum, KIDS PERCUSSION®, Hand Drum, 6 Hohner Kids Ocean Wave Drum — MP482

A Serious Drum Set for Toddlers

 Hape – Early Melodies – Rock and Rhythm Band Wooden Drum Set

A budding drummer will love to start playing tunes on this rockin’ drum set.

This set is scaled for youngster drummers and ready for daily drum solos.

No flashing lights or nursery tunes on this one, only pure drumming fun!

With This Toy Drum, BIGGER is Better!

 Remo Kids Gathering Drum,
A Full 22 inches wide

A toy drum not only for toddlers, but kids of all ages can get in on the action. Don’t be surprised if you see a few adults take a turn or two. The large size allows several drummers to play at one time.

Well made and sturdy to last through many hours of drumming. Includes two mallets, but it’s easy to order more for group fun.

Additional Drumming Mallets Available

 TIN DRUM Techege Toys Learn’n’Play Fun Drum Rhythm Drums Cymbal Lights Sounds Kids Fun My First Drum Remo Rhythm Club Konga Drum – Rhythm Kids, 6 Click N Play Kids Electronic Touch Sensitive Play Mat Drum Set With Real Drum Sounds PlanToys Plan Preschool Big Drum Music EVINIS 5 Pcs New Roll Drum Musical Instruments Band Kit Kids Children Toy Gift Set, Baby Concert Set

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  1. Gypzeerose

    Drums are the easiest instruments to play, and yet if you start a child with them they coule potentially become a great musician later on. In any case they will have fun!

  2. Children can gain many skills from playing drums. Movement, coordination, and rhythm is enhanced along with your child having a noisy good time.

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