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Trampoline Exercise Workouts

Trampoline Workouts and Exercises

Trampolines provide a great workout opportunity for both adults and children alike. Trampolines are available in many sizes. From the small personal training trampolines that go in your home. To the big outdoor trampolines that the kids really enjoy. Both forms of trampolines offer many exercise opportunities.

Exercises You Can Do On A Trampoline

trampoline workouts

Knee Raises: Trampoline provide an excellent platform for doing knee raises. Just bounce up and while you are in the air, raise your knees to your chest.

Jumping Jacks: Performing jumping jacks on a trampoline is not only fun, but provides a great trampoline workout as well.

Sprinting: Perform running in motion on a trampoline for a fun and simple way to perform exercises on your trampoline.

Mini Trampolines vs Large Outdoor Trampolines

Both forms of trampolines provide a great platform for performing many various exercises. Which trampoline you pick will be based on your needs. Do you have children? Children will always prefer one of the large outdoor trampolines. If you don’t have children and want a trampoline strictly for the exercise benefits they present. I suggest getting the mini indoor trampolines. They are easy to store when not in use, and they can be used indoors or taken outdoors if you prefer.


Mini Trampoline Exercise : How to Use a Mini Trampoline for Exercise

Exercises you can perform on your mini trampoline. These trampoline exercises are designed to give you a maximum workout.


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  1. I have a friend that swears by trampoline exercise workouts. Great post.

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