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Transformers Cybertron Toys

Transformers Cybertron Toys Best Selling Toys

The name Cybertron is derived from the G1 set of cartoons. It is the transformers own mechanical home plant.

The range of Cybertrons ultra exciting toys come in a varied list of classes and models.

The classes are Legend class, Supreme, Cybertron class, Megatron class, scout class and the models Hot Shot, Supreme Starscream, Deluxe, Anti-Blaze Armorhide, Backstop, Ascentor, Bactrack, Buzzsaw, Deepdive, Hardtop, Gavatron, Hell Buzzsaw, Xcellion, Heavyload, Jetfire, Kobushi, Laserbreak, Jolt, Lugnutz,Longram, Loebraker and heaps more Cybertrons.

The Transformer action figure pictured here is the Transformers: Cybertron Commander Optimus Prime Convoy Revoltech

As you could see there is no shortage of choice to keep the kids entertained.

This page will feature the background of the Transformers Cybertron Toys and why they are best selling toys online.

We First Saw The Transformers Cybertron Action Figures in The Movies

In order to understand the attraction of these toys to kids it is important to understand the storyline of the movie that has captivated them.

Cybertron is the home planet of the Transformers.

It is on the verge of being destroyed as a Black Hole ominously looms close to it.

The Transformers, for the purpose of saving their world, embark upon an intergalactic voyage.

The hunt across the universe is to search for the keys of the lost Cyber Planets.

Their foes are the evil decepticons.

Villains of the order never experienced before they launch a heroic race to defeat the Autobots to get for themselves the keys of the lost cyber planets.

The keys become the center of the contest as they have the power to set free the Cybertron planet, which will create what they describe as the greatest Transformer the galaxies have ever seen.

Here Are Some Transformers Cybertron Action Figures to Choose From:

Kids Can Relive These Movies With Their Own Transformers Figures

Spanning the galaxy the battle will be a race to wield the powerful planet keys, which would then save Cybertron their home world from certain destruction.

Imagine now a kid watching these movies and then being able to go home and re-enact what he has seen using the Cybertron toy range.

That is the magic spell that has come over the kid who is begging you for a Cybertron action figure!

These Really AreTransformers Animated Toys!

You can buy Transformers as intricate but figures that have moving limbs to recreate all the action in the movies.

But even more amazing are the figures that actually “TRANSFORM” into vehicles and the characters they are supposed to use to hide themselves from view of the humans.

All of these Transformer toys have in them a canny sense and animatronics features like effortlessly transforming from a standard mode to the mode of robot. In the lingo of the kids of today it is called auto morphing.

Each Transformer figure character comes with totally unique designs, which are totally distinct from each other. And when these toys are in robot mode, they are equipped with built-in weaponry.

Parents should be assured that the designers of these toys have kept safety as a topmost priority and the designs are for fun and for the purpose of expressing a kid’s imagination.

Get them online!

Here Are Some Transformers Cybertron Action Figures to Choose From:

When You Buy Transformers Movie Toys Make Sure They Are Authentic.

When you buy Transformers online make sure thehy are manufactured by Hasbro, as there are sure to be clone models being made on the cheap.

But be aware that quality is paramount if the kids are to enjoy them safely and for more than a few minutes before they self-destruct!

Hasbro are very clear about their promise of delivering a top quality Transformer toy to their customers.

Whichever of the models you select, you can be sure that each one of them are absolutely well crafted with excellent quality.

Each of these toys are crafted with materials of high quality, and meticulously put together to bring perfection to each of the details that are needed in the Transformers action figures including the Transformers Cybertron.

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