Treasuring Emma

Treasuring Emma

Treasuring Emma, A Middlefield Family Novel is an Amish romance written by Kathleen Fuller.

Emma Shetler has just lost her Mom to cancer. She lives with her Grandmother, Leona. The day of the burial her Sister Clara’s husband, Peter King asked Emma about her and Leona moving in with them. Emma tells him they don’t have enough room and besides they want to remain in their home. Clara makes it known she don’t want them anyway. Emma is upset because Clara never helped when her mom was so ill. Emma  misses Adam, the guy who grew up next door but left the faith 2 years before.

Adam left the area and was banned from the Amish faith. He gets a letter from Leona telling him about Emma’s mom and telling him he needs to come home because his mom is acting funny. He packs his bags and brings his truck back to Middlefield. His mom seems glad to see him but not his dad. Emma is glad to see him but figures he will just leave again.

Treasuring Emma

Treasuring Emma

Clara is wanting to use the shed at Leona’s to open a fabric and yarn shop. Emma is not wanting to do this. They squabble over this until Leona says for themto do it.

Peters cousin, Mark shows up and stays with Paul and Clara. He wants to try to get Emma to marry him so he can get the house and land. Adam don’t like him and he don’t like Adam. Paul begins to be weary of him.

Leona gets pneumonia and is in ICU. Adam is there with Emma. They start working out their differences.

Read the story to find out what happens with the fabric store and to see if Adam decides to stay. I enjoyed reading this story very much.

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