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Turn your Home into a Haunted Manor

Holding a haunted manor Halloween party

Have you ever wanted to hold a haunted Halloween party? I mean, haunted like in those old fashioned horror movies where the atmosphere was more important than blood and horrific scenes? Yes, I think about a real, tangible, good old haunted manor.

Finding decorations and special effects for a haunted manor Halloween party is probably the easiest thing to do. Actually the scary decorations consist in very simple items and the frightful sounds and lights are easy to produce provided that you use the right elements.

Once your guest list is built and invitation cards are sent, you can think of the foods. Then decide if you are going to host a sit down dinner or a buffet. Both are great ways to entertain guests in a haunted ambiance. Next are the decorationd and other frightful elements to put in place to provide the house with a haunted atmosphere.

Below are some tips to help you get going.

Create the first haunted impression

Using white sheets of bed linen

Haunted houses always have such covered furniture: they provide the visitors with strange feelings and in such a decor, any kind of thing could happen.

The furniture can be covered with white sheets of bed linen for the house to look haunted.

A talcum powder to give the sense of being dusty can be spread all over them and releasing a cloud of dust whenever guests will sit down. You can even use scented talcum powder so as to provide the feeling that ghosts are actually haunting your home. Flower scented powder for female ghosts, tree scented powder for male ghosts.

Your haunted manor shopping list

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Creepy Halloween special sounds

Create a dramatic ambiance

When setting up the Halloween mood to the house, you can’t overlook some very important things that your visitors can, not just feel, but literally touch. It is crucial to give the decor a touch of realism.

Halloween sound effects are meant to scare the hell out of your guests. Using sounds that carry a certain threat with them is even more effective.

These sounds (footsteps, howling, screams – they can be installed as well as your door bell) will increase the chilling atmosphere of Halloween party.

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Halloween-ish shadows and lightening

Set the tone for the inside and the outside

Halloween shadows and lights are another good indoor Halloween decoration ideas.

If you want to make them at home, you can find the patterns to cut out of black paper shapes of ghosts, bats, etc.

Once cut out, just glue them on the flashlights and place them in positions where guests can see them as objects to become more scared with.

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Set the foggy atmosphere

Using a fog machine

Using a fog machine will enable you to produce a very creepy atmosphere.

When choosing a fog machine make sure it has a storage capacity big enough to last for several hours, especially if you host a party. The fog should also not take too long before starting to show and the machine shouldn’t be too big either.

Swirling fog can be a scarier part of the indoor Halloween decoration ideas, as this element can float from time to time among your crowd of guests adding another touch of spooky-ness to the ambient.

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Some more haunted house ideas

Enjoy your Halloween haunting!

The previously listed haunted manor ideas are meant for a scary not bloody Halloween decor. However if you wish to set up a more frightful decor designed with adults in mind, here are a few additonal ideas to help you get going. Enjoy!

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