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House-conscious: turn your house into a relief

Take a look around the house and tell me: what is the center piece of every room? What is that specific element that turns your house into a crib, into a cozy dwelling where you like to live in? Well, in case you haven’t come up with your answer yet, then let me give you some! If having in mind the key element that turn your house into a home worth living in, it might be easier to change things that you do not like or even come up with some improvement.

Living room and its charm


The center piece of your living room must be no other than your sofa. A good sofa is sometimes hard to find and once you find it, you keep it for years. The sofa is the key element of the room where you hand out with your friends or you engage in all of those activities that make your life fun. It is where you sit for a coffee with your friends and, at the same time, it’s also that snug spot where you go to lie down with a book or simply for zapping.

The most classical sofas are the Chesterfields. In case you own such a classic piece, it means that your living room has what we call class. A Chesterfield is a sofa with a character. It is comfortable and cozy and, at the same time, has a rather official look, it imposes respect. It is a noble piece of furniture, since it is generally made of leather. Also, it has this feature that we are all looking for: it lasts for a very long time, without ever going out of fashion.

However, if the Chesterfield might seem too heavy for a room where you’d rather experience the lightness of being, then there are many other options. One might be the sofas that combine comfort with technologies. Thus, your sofa will give you that massage that you are craving for with a mere push of a button. But enough about sofas! Let’s move on to a different room!



Bathroom stands for relief


There is a room in every house that we all tend to abuse, and that must be the bathroom. The bathroom is a room of high importance. If in the living room we all get social, in the bathroom is where we all get a bit of privacy. It is where we recollect, where we wash away the dirt, where we get some relief. For some it is not only the place where we clean our bodies, but also the place where we clear our minds, especially when we take one of those refreshing showers. The central piece of every bathroom is the shower. Could you imagine a bathroom without a shower? Or could you even call such a thing a bathroom? Of course not! There is no bathroom without a shower. And your shower can be really fancy, especially if you go for one of those brand new creations by Mira. Not only that they are rather fancy looking, but they are also very efficient. Also, you will save a lot of that precious water while taking the refreshing shower, which might count for making the living in your own house more sustainable and worthwhile (financially speaking also).


Bedroom calling for a rest 


But what is more refreshing and relieving than a good night of sleep? Your bedroom matters. And the central piece of your bedroom is the bed. There are various versions of beds that could turn your bedroom experience into a pleasure we all long for. Forget about the traditional grandmother’s bed that makes noises at every move! Today, the most modern versions of a bed worth using are low in height and rather wide, baring a strong influence of Asian cultures. No wonder you will feel so zen after a good night of sleep in such a bed! The materials the mats are being made of are also important. I won’t recommend those mattresses filled in with water, they are already out of date and rather delicate – or you might go for on one of those in case you might want to risk having your shower in the bedroom. I wouldn’t like that! What I like are the mattresses made of microfibers, providing not only all of the comfort for your whole body, but also for your spine. It is important to have in mind heath issues when choosing the proper bed, so go for mattresses that is firm, but not too rigid, able to rather copy the shape of your own body.


And the kitchen, for a change!


Last, but not least, there is the kitchen. For some, the oven is the center piece of their kitchen. However, for me the center piece of my own kitchen has always been the dishwasher. I simply cannot imagine a kitchen without this marvelous machine, a wonderful creation of technology that proves to be so useful after every single dinner and after every single party that I hold in my house. In case you do not have one by now, I highly recommend you get one as soon as possible. Enjoy!

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