Tutti Frutti Jewelry

Tutti Frutti Jewelry

Do you know about yummy tutti frutti jewelry? Also called fruit salad jewelry? I have found some of it at a super-huge flea market in Southern California that I visited on a trip many of years ago.

I have also inherited some pieces from my mother. Every once in a while I find some at garage sales if I am lucky. I am always happy to wear them because I love unusual, colorful pieces.

Fruit salad jewelry should be fun and beautiful, it is based on one of my favorite foods – fruit salad!

The first Tutti Frutti Jewelry was Fine Jewelry

The original tutti frutti jewelry was fine jewelry. In, tutti frutti jewelry originated when the famous French jeweler Pierre Cartier created a beautiful bracelet for Queen Alexandra to wear with some beautiful Indian gowns she had.

‘Tutti Frutti’ designs were considered a perfect blend of the East and the West. There were Persian and Hindu decorative motifs blended with carved gems. This jewelry was noted for its lovely diamond cuts: princess, cushion, emerald and baguette. But this jewelry also had it’s own nature shaped cuts.The designs were fanciful fruit, berry, leaf and nature motifs. The fruits could be made even more beautiful on diamond stems. Hence the fruit salad!

The 1900’s were a time of fascination for the West with all things Eastern. The East – aka the “Orient” was romanticized as a place of beauty and mystery. From Gilbert and Sullivan and the Mikado, to Asian art – America and Europe were fascinated by the East.

Pierre Cardin continued to be the face of tutti frutti jewelry, with many fine jewelry pieces created throughout the early 1900’s.

Exquisite Cartier Tutti Frutti Jewelry

Here is a lovely video about the Cartier Tutti Frutti jewelry – fine jewelry indeed.

Tutti-fruitti Jewelry is Fun and Beautiful

Fruit Salad jewelry, whether kitsch costume jewelry or elegant precious jewelry is delightful.

Tutti-fruitti jewelry that is fun and festive. It

Much fruit salad jewelry is costume jewelry-just fun bright colored plastic and resin. But some is antique and beautiful.

It is full of colors and different designs, as varied as the gemstones and the materials that are used to make it. Much of it is vintage jewelry – and you will find some signature pieces as well.

Tutti Frutti Jewelry was Made Popular by Carmen Miranda

Fruit Salad jewelry went from fine jewelry to kitsch in the ’40’s when Brazilian bombshell Carmen Miranda took the idea of fruit salad jewelry literally.

Carmen became famous for her wacky, fruit salad hats. And the outlandish, colorful jewelry just made the look more appealing.

And soon fruit salad jewelry entered the world of costume jewelry.

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Tutti Frutti Jewelry belongs in every Jewelry Wardrobe

Whether you have the budget for fine jewelry or just the costume jewelry – fruit salad jewelry can be a beautiful part of the jewelry in your life.

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