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3 WebNuggetz Tweet Examples

I wrote a post on how to enter the codes on our new Twitter feed feature which allows you to enter a code to display twitter feeds right in the middle of your nuggetz.

In this post, I will give you some examples and how they appear:

First, you can read Lesley’s original post at read the manual at https://webnuggetz.com/twitter-feeds-inside-your-post-pages/

Next, you can read the full manual of codes at https://webnuggetz.com/twitter-feeds-inside-your-post-pages-the-manual-and-secret-codes/



How about 3 tweets all plain black and white with blue links and no member photos?


[tweets term=”webnuggetz” showtwitterphotos=”no”]

How I did this: I left all the options out except for the showtwitterphotos option, which I turned off with a setting no. Remember, this is WebNuggetz. We have a default of GOLD.  We have 3 tweets, because we left out the number setting and it shows 3 by default when ignored.


If I wanted to publish Twitter feeds on webnuggetz with 4 links and a thick blue border and light blue background, I can enter this:


[tweets term=”webnuggetz” number=”4″ backgroundcolor=”#DDF” bordercolor=”blue” bordersize=”5″ bordertype=”dashed”]


I will give you one more: How about a purple and lavender theme with Twitter member photos. Let’s add a big fat lavender border with purple hyperlinks. Let’s also ignore anyone’s retweets:


[tweets term=”webnuggetz” number=”5″ linkcolor=”purple” backgroundcolor=”#ebc5e5″ bordercolor=”#e9a7df” bordersize=”8″ ignoreretweets=”yes” bordertype=”dotted” showtwitterphotos=”yes”]



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