Types of Home Radiators

Types of Home Radiators

There are several types of home radiators on the market today giving home owners different options when it comes to heating the home. Radiators come in various sizes, shapes and are made from different materials, finding the right radiator for your home heating needs is easier than ever before.

Home radiators have been around for many years and have evolved from the big ugly radiators of the past into a more elegant, efficient and cost effective way of heating your home. This article will take a look at a few of the models available today and the uses for each style of radiator.

Traditional Radiators

Traditional home radiators are often found in older homes and are somewhat big and bulky and are made from cast iron. The traditional radiator served homes for many generations the best thing about them is they do maintain a even heating surface and don’t have hot or cold spots that is associated with forced air heated radiators. Most of the older traditional home radiators can be painted with a heat resistant paint to make them fit into the homes decor.

Towel Radiators

Types of Home Radiators

Towel radiators are smaller radiators that are electric operated and operate at a lower temperature than other models of home radiators. Having a towel radiator installed in a bathroom or a small room or hallway is the perfect way to add warmth to a small room without taking up all the space as other radiator units. Some of the advantages of towel radiators is the low heat and decorative look of the towel radiator. With the low heat emitted from the towel radiator you can dry wet towels or more delicate clothing without damaging them by the heat. Imagine having a warmed towel or bathrobe to use after getting out of the bath or shower. Towel radiators are smaller, decorative and cost efficient making them a great option for home heating.

Designer Home Radiators

Designer home radiators are becoming more popular today. This type of radiator is usually made from aluminum because of its ability to heat faster and the ability to make it in a limitless amount of designs. Designer home radiators can be found in styles like coat and hat racks, towel racks, benches and can even be made to resemble natural looking stone. Designer home radiators are more costly but the possibilities are endless.

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  1. I didn’t even know there were this many types of home radiators available.  This is very well written piece.  Thank you for sharing.

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