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Best Under $100 Prom Dresses

Prom Dresses for Under $100 You Should Take a Look at

Do you think that it is impossible to buy cheap prom dresses which look as beautiful as expensive ones? Here I’m going to show that it’s not true. There is always a way to find lovely evening dresses or ball gowns for under $100. Whether through seasonal promotions or simply because the store offers a wide range of different ball gowns for people on a short budget.

If you’re browsing clothing stores hoping to find prom dresses to take into consideration for the most important event of your daugther’s school year but have a very limited budget then you have come to the right place. I gathered the loveliest evening outfits I saw in online stores in this page.

After all, prom outfits are somewhat expensive as, in addition to the dress we have to find the matching accessories, get that hairstylist appointment for the daughter to be the most beautiful girl of the event. So, we aren’t going to wait any longer and take a look at those prom dresses that you can buy for less than 100 dollars.

Floor Length Strapless Prom Dress

A classy long gown with waist ribbon

Long Prom Dress

Your daughter will be the queen of the prom night with this splendid long prom dress with boned bodice and large ribbon tied on the waistline. The upside of the attire is shaped into a corset and the waist is adorned with a large removable ribbon. A scarf and spaghetti straps (that your daughter can remove at will) come with the dress.

I recommend this model of evening gown for anyone who wouldn’t have a top model waist line. It is the perfect type of prom dress that will fit any kind of silhouette and even highlight it.

In my opinion it makes a fantastic ball gown to enable young girls’ princess dream come true.

The pluses: The price of the dress went from $169 to $49. It comes several different colors (subject to quantities remaining in each size): green, fuschia, copper, orange, olive green, blue, red, Burgundy, navy blue, purple, black and white.

Another plus: it is available for women sizing from X-small up to 2 XL.


Lace, Satin and Tulle Long Prom Party Outfit

A classic long ball gown

Long Tulle Prom Dress Lace Bodice

Change is good, the more extravagant dress you opt for, the best it will be. Well, that is what advertisers try to make us think.

However, it is not always right. Proof is with this absolutely beautiful prom dress. Its bodice is made out of lace and satin. The floor length skirt is made out of tulle.

Because it is an A-line model, it will fit any kind of silhouette and make your daughter look like a princess.

The things I love: the watermelon color that makes the attire look like a powdered outfit and the laced bodice that provides the gown with a classy look. It is, in my opinion, a highly romantic and perfect outfit for a first night out.

The plus: the price: $57 max for this attire is a very attractive reason to get it. The other plus is that sizes range from 2 up to 16.


Get the Dress that Fits with your Body Shape


If you have a really thin silhouette, opt for a bubbled dress, it will provide you with a gorgeous look!

Greek Goddess Prom Ball Gown

Floor length one-shoulder chiffon dress

Single Shoulder Embroidery Long Prom Dress

Popular for all sorts of occasions the Goddess styled length-floor attire is the kind of dress that could work wonders on prom night.

The things we love in such models of dresses are that they always make their wearer look gorgeous, they are generally made out of chiffon which provides them with a flowing look; they also are often adorned with rhinestones so as to make them sparkle and shine.

Beaded cross pieces and wrinkled skirt remind the wonderful dresses worn by Hollywood Goddesses and your daughter will certainly love this beautiful prom dress!

Comes in sizes from X-small up to large.

This stunning dress is made out of chiffon and features only one embroidered shoulder strap.

The plus: it is priced under $80.


Princess Style Ball Gown

Floor length A-line evening dress

One-Shoulder Pink Prom Dress

Most little girls want to wear a princess dress at least once in their life. Some realize their dreams on their wedding day but some just can’t wait till then. For this reason, I selected a princess gown that I feature here.

This one is the best example of the ever-classic dress all girls wish to wear. It comes with a gorgeous appearence that will make you forget that it did not cost you more than $100!

Make your princess dreams come to reality this year !

This one-shoulder prom dress is made out of tulle with a draped bodice and a back lace up bodice closure. The floor-length attire is adorned with fabric roses and ruffles.

The A-line silhouette is sure to fit most types of body shapes. Sizes range from X-small to 2X-X-large and the available colors are blue, pink, purple and red.

The plus: it is priced under $80.


Make Sure your Dress Matches your Waist Line

If your waistline doesn’t fit with today’s fashion standards, prefer to wear a darker dress as well as favor a simpler design

Short and Asymetric Prom Dress

Sequined and high low silhouette

Chiffon Sequined Asymmetric Long Dress

Satin and chiffon are two main ingredients of a successful prom dress attire ! If you’re not inclined in wearing a floor-length gown here’s a nice alternative.

A cute short evening dress that will make you stand out from the crowd! Depending on the color you choose, the design might be different: choose between sequin and lace design for the bodice. The skirt is made out of flowing chiffon that provides an aerian appearence to the outfit.

The attire won’t make your daughter look any different from somebody wearing a Sherry Hill or Jovani prom gown tonight! She will definitely be the queen of the night in this absolutely gorgeous evening dress.

Colors range from black to navy gold; from gold to black and gold; from coral to turquoise and from white to pale pink. You’re certain to find the one that will meet your needs – check each model to see how beautifully different bodices you can get. As for the sizes they range from medium to large.

The plus: price is extremely low: $29 max. for all sizes.


Classy Fifties Styled Short Dress

Fit-and-flare silhouette

50s Strapless Satin Prom Dress

People always love the fifties when it comes to finding party outfits, whether for prom ball or Halloween or masquerade balls. These are all the craze for those special occasions.

The things I love in fifties looking outfits is that, whatever the occasion I always have a very classy look. This stylish appearence doesn’t ruin my enjoyment nor my activities on the dance floor, though. For these reasons, personally I find fifties attires definitely the choice number one when it comes to finding clothes for special occasions.

This gorgeous 1950s looking prom dress comes with a nice belt and side bow that will highlight your waist line.

Spaghetti straps can be removed for a more stunning effect. The matching scarf is included in the set, of course. But you can put the finishing touches with an assorted bolero (available on Amazon) if you prefer.

The dress is available in 16 colors: burgundy, coral, royal blue, sage, lilac and more and the sizes range from XSmall up to 4XLarge.

The plus: it is priced under $35.


Pale Skins Prefer Dark Colors

If you have a very clear skin, favor colors that emphasize your beauty and forget about white dresses unless you get some tanning lotion prior to attend the prom ball

High Low Cross Back Short Prom Ball Dress

Front short, back long model

Chiffon Rhinestones Cross Back Prom Dress

A fantastic alternative to the long ball gowns are the short asymetric dresses that are perfect for a night spent on the dance floor.

When choosing a prom dress, make sure it fits with your silhouette. Indeed, tiered ruffled gowns might not suit a big sized person as good as it would highlight a thin silhouette. Above all, make sure your dress doesn’t make you look like a cupcake, this helps avoiding bad memories from one of the most important parties in a school girl’s life.

This one is a cute asymetrical prom dress that you’re going to love.

It comes with straps that cross in the back. The dress is adorned with rhinestones for a more stylish appearance.

The dress includes a back zipper and is made out of chiffon. Colors include: watermelon, lavender, yellow, powdered pink and white. Sizes available: 4 to 16.

The plus: it is priced between $30 and $40.


Check More Under $100 Prom Dresses

Get cheap stylish ball gowns for your daugther

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Where To Find Prom Ball Gowns and Dresses

Buy lovely prom dresses from online stores

Besides Amazon, you can get your hands on superb party and special event outfits from some online stores. Here are a few of them.

Event and special occasion dresses and accessories at LightInTheBox
Light in the Box provides you with top selling special occasion clothes for a very affordable price. Most products come along with hundreds of customer reviews.

Amormoda – Special Occasion Dresses Sale
Amormoda provides you with a wide range of stunning prom dresses and other evening gowns. They also make special offers and have a large section with on sale items.

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