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Under the Christmas Tree Train Sets

Some Popular Christmas Tree Trains to Watch Out for

Out of any holiday decorating items, Christmas tree train sets are those which provide us with the fondest memories from our childhood. Christmas trains for under the tree are decorations loved by everyone, adults and kids alike. The train going around the tree every year is the one memory that is mostly cherished.

For adults, Christmas tree trains bring them back to those decorative toys that were found in many homes in the 1950s and 1960s. For youngsters, these decorative trains are a source of wonder and let their imagination run wild with joy. This page invites you for a walk in the fairy world of under the Christmas tree train sets.

Train Sets for Under the Christmas Tree Have Become a Tradition

Embark on my Christmas train for a ride to winter wonderland

Joshua Lionel Cowen is credited for having developed the first Christmas tree train set. It was presented in the form of a display in his store front window. It wasn’t too long before people started enquiring as to how they could get their own decoration to place around their holiday tree.

The Christmas tree train set is a kind of Christmas tree decor that is sure to start conversations at family gathering or company Christmas events. Perfect for Christmas tree train beginners, a classic set generally includes an engine, an oil car, a coal car and caboose that ride on a circle track within a specific diameter. Naturally, the diameter of the circle track must fit the Christmas tree size.

Classic Christmas Tree Train Set

Seasonal Vision Christmas Tree Train

The Christmas morning atmosphere wouldn’t be as cheerful as it is without a moving train under the Christmas tree.

For those who are just starting this new custom or just wish to have a joyful and nostalgic touch to their Christmas tree decor, there’s no need of a too advanced train; a classic one will work wonders and provide you with the wonderful sensations of your childhood.

The Christmas tree train to the right will fit most Christmas trees, from 6′ to 7.5′ of height. It’s quite simple to assemble and is powered by 4 AA batteries (to be purchased separately). This moving train come with a 35″ diameter track, flash headlight, engine sounds, tree clamp, engine, caboose and fuel car.


The Polar Express Is Riding the Rails Under your Christmas Tree

Lionel Polar Express Train Set – G-Gauge

The Lionel Trains “Polar Express” train set was inspired by the Christmas classic book and movie.

Everyone recalls those children who, because they doubted Santa Claus’ existence, embarked on a wonderful journey to the North Pole and discovered the marvels of Santa’s magic world.

You can revive these wonderful and magical adventures with The Lionel Polar Express Train, which comes with many features. First it has a highly detailed locomotive. It also makes those recognizable life-like sounds such as the whistle, rings the bell and includes a button that plays “All aboard for the Polar Express”. The set includes a headlight just like a real one.

This beautifully crafted set is extremely easy to assemble, beautiful to look at and comes backed with a myriad of features.

It includes three figures (conductor, boy, and hobo). The Polar Express train set is powered by batteries (included in the pack) as well as with 9.6 V rechargeable battery (to be purchased separately). The oval measures 55″ x 72″.

Special versions and accessories are also available in stores.


Lionel Polar Express Remote Train Set – O-GaugeLionel Trains 10th Anniversary Polar Express Lion Chief Remote Train SetLionel Polar Express Add On FiguresLionel Little Lines Polar Express Train Set

Watch Out for Anniversary Christmas Trains

Lionel Coca-Cola 125th Anniversary Vintage Train

Lionel Coca-Cola 125th Anniversary Vintage Steam O-Gauge Train Set

Although they may be highly popular among train collectors, anniversary Christmas trains work also wonders under the tree.

Like the above mentioned train riding around the tree on Christmas morning, some brands produce anniversary and collector items. These can produce amazingly beautiful displays while at the same time bring lot of pleasure to the eyes of those who watch them riding and can even have them play life-like sounds.

Some of these “toys” even come with a smoke unit that makes them produce some kind of vapor, just like real ones.

This incredibly crafted train that celebrates Coca-Cola’s 125th anniversary consists in an old fashioned loco that produces steam, a green and red tender, lit caboose, a flat car with three barrels, a container wagon of which doors can be opened and more.


Disney’s Christmas Trains for Under the Tree

Kid’s engines and cars riding around the Christmas tree

Disney Park 30 piece Christmas Train Set with Mickey, Goofy, Duffy, Chip and Dale

The wonder and joy a kid’s toys and/or heroes train sets around Christmas trees can provide, particularly for the children, is priceless.

There are many train sets for kids available on the marketplace. For example, the beautifully crafted “Disney Mickey & Friends “Around The Tree” Christmas train” set including figurines of a waving Mickey Mouse and accompanied by the equally beautiful figures of Donald Duck, Goofy, Pluto and of course Minnie Mouse will bring joy to your kids on Christmas morning.

More of Disney’s Christmas tree trains include characters like Winnie The “Pooh Hundred Acre Wood Christmas Express Train Collection”, and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, etc.


Disneyland Railroad Train SetRudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Train SetRudolph’s Christmas Town ExpressDisney Christmas Train w/Light and Sound

Embark on the Hogwarts Express Train This Christmas

Passengers are required to go to platform 9 3/4!

Lionel Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Train Set – G-Gauge

Hogwarts Express is a magical train that carries Hogwarts students to their witchcraft school. Do you remember King’s Cross station platform number on which children are supposed to embark on the train? Platform 9 3/4…

Lionel Trains Harry Potter Hogwarts Express electric train is very beautiful to look at and made of exceptional quality, this Christmas tree train set is perfect for both the collectors, the Harry Potter fans as well as a great entry level item for your children. It will also look beautiful under the Christmas tree.

It has a highly-detailed steam locomotive and makes sounds (whistle and bell) as well as comes with a headlight. Passenger cars are also well detailed and the toy goes forward and backward and includes an easy to use remote control. This is really a good Christmas decoration which will enable the kids to revive Harry Potter’s adventures.


More Christmas Trains for Under the Tree

All these train sets are ready to happily ride beneath your tree

Santa’s North Pole Express Holiday Christmas Train Set,Wireless Remote Control Set Home Accents

For fans of really classic Christmas tree trains, they will find train sets that feature the holiday season colors like green with silver trim or red with green accents. The “Santa’s North Pole Express Christmas Train” set comes with a 20″+ circle track (24 pieces), headlight and electronic sounds. It is powered by batteries. It is a quite simple decoration but it brings the cheerful ambiance in the home.

The Holiday Express animated tree train set comes with 4 pieces including engine in which Santa sits, tender with Christmas tree, another car which is a Candy dancer car as well as Father Christmas’ workshop car. Train set sound and volume can be controlled. The pack also includes a 3′ x 5′ track. The train is colored in Christmas-y colors: red, green and gold.

The Santa Village Express train set; which icludes a locomotive, a coal car and 2 passenger wagons. The locomotive has authentic sounds with horns and whistles as well as a headlight. The track measures 14′. The train set is suitable for kids aged 5 and up and is powered by 6 AA batteries (to be purchased separately).

Quite original frozen looking under the Christmas tree train set is Frosty the Snowman’s Frosty Arctic Express Train. This train set is not just easy to use but provides locomotive sounds. It also comes with a headlight as well as a 4′ diam circle track. The train set includes a coal car, a freezer car with Frosty, and caboose. And if you want to activate the loco sound, just turn the bell!

The list isn’t exaustive and you will quickly realize that it might be hard to choose just one of those decorative items.


Holiday Express Animated Electric Train SetSanta’s Village Express Holiday TrainFrosty The Grand Arctic Express TrainNorth Pole Express Christmas TrainLionel Silver Bells Train SetLionel Peanuts Christmas Train Set – O-GaugeLionel Santa’s Flyer Train Set – O-GaugeLionel Gingerbread Junction O-Gauge TrainLionel Trains Frosty the SnowmanLionel Thomas And Friends Train – O-GaugeNorth Pole Express Train Set – O-GaugeBachmann Christmas Special – O ScaleLionel A Christmas Story O-Gauge Train SetBachmann Night Before Christmas TrainBachmann Spirit Of Christmas – N ScaleBachmann White Christmas Express – Large

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    Kids (and adults, lol) love trains under the tree and these are spectacular!

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    I would have loved to have received an electric train set for Christmas. Probably my favorite is the Disney Park 30 piece Christmas Train Set with Mickey, Goofy, Duffy, Chip and Dale.

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