Unique Cork Holders

Cork Cages or Holders

Cork cages, or cork holders, are unique ways to display your wine corks as works of art. Whether you place one on your counter or your wall, they add a flare to your kitchen, dining room or bar area like nothing else does.

You’ll enjoy giving a cork cage as a gift, too, along with a bottle of wine. It’s always fun to give unique gifts that you know people will love and use.

These unique cork holders will make you smile, and they’ll get people talking! Display them in your home today.

Cork holders or cages are the perfect way to store those used corks, and to keep any unused corks on hand and easily accessible for your open wine bottles.

Unique Cork Holders from Wayfair

Wayfair offers home goods at discount prices, and these cork holders are definitely unique and fun. they make a great gift along with a bottle of wine. Display them in your kitchen or bar area for a unique touch in your home.

 Wilco ‘Corks’ Metal Basket Cork Holder Holly & Martin Wisegrid Wine and Cork Wall Cage Wilco ‘Wine’ Metal Basket Cork Holder

Unique Cork Holders from Wal*Mart

Wal*Mart has some fun and unique cork holders that you’ll love displaying in your kitchen, dining room or bar area. Whether you choose the elegant first product, or any of the whimsical animal cork holders, these will make a lovely addition to your home.

 15-Inch Wine Cork Holder 14″ Green and Copper Patina Cat Feline Wine Cork Caddy Holder 14″ Green and Copper Patina Duck Animal Wine Cork Caddy Holder 14″ Green and Copper Patina Butterfly Animal Wine Cork Caddy Holder 15″ Green and Copper Patina Galloping Horse Animal Wine Cork Caddy Holder 14″ Green and Copper Patina Canine Dog Wine Cork Caddy Holder 10″ Green and Copper Patina Owl Bird Animal Wine Cork Caddy Holder 16″ Green and Copper Patina Aquatic Fish Wine Cork Caddy Holder

Unique Cork Holders on Amazon

Find unique, elegant cork holders on Amazon at great prices. These are sure to please, and they make awesome gifts for any occasion!

 Wine Barrel Cork Cage Epic Products Cork Cage Wine Glass, 12-Inch Epic Products Cork Cage Chalkboard Wine Bottle, 14-Inch Wreath Wine Cork Holder. By Home-X Epic Products Cork Cage Corky The Dog, 13-Inch House of Corks – Cork Cage | 91-042, #3874 Corks of the World – Cork Cage | 91-041, #3875 Epic Products Cork Cage Boot, 14-Inch Wine Glass Cork Holder. By Home-X Epic Products Cork Cage, 25-Inch, Eiffel Tower Carafe Wine Cork Holder Epic Products Cork Cage Rooster, 14.75-Inch CounterArt Metal Wine Cork Caddy in Bird Cage Design, 10-Inch Epic Products Cork Cage Cowboy Boot, 15.5-Inch Epic Products Cork Cage Hot Air Balloon, 15.25-Inch Pavilion Gift Company 22093 Wine All The Time Wooden Plaque/Wine Cork Holder, 11-Inch, Eat, Drink and be Merry Epic Products Cork Cage Guitar, 8.25-Inch Owl Wine Cork Catcher

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