Unique School Binders

Unique School Binder

Unique School Binder

Unique Binders for School

These are unique binders for school, aimed at the non conformist type person.  A non conformist wants to set himself apart from the crowd.  He (or she) doesn’t necessarily want to go with the flow and do what everyone else is doing.  A non conformist thinks for himself.  These unique school binders are for that person.

Why can’t you have a binder that looks like crumpled aluminum foil?  It’s a pretty good bet that no one else in your school will have one.  We have two different styles of chain maille on our unique binders for school.  You’ll probably be the only one with a chain maille binder as well.

All of these unique school binders are custom designed so chances are you won’t see them anywhere else.


Unique School Binders

TIN FOIL AVERY BINDER bindercrumpled bag binder

Popcorn Binder binderRibbons Binder binder

Crossword Puzzle Grid Notebook bindermaze binder binder

About Our Unique School Binders

Full-color, photo-quality printing
Completely customizable
Binders starting at $18.95
Three ring sizes, 1″ 1.5″ and 2″
100% satisfaction guaranteed
Made in the USA

CHAIN MAILLE binderchain maille binder

NOVINO Fashion Parade binderNOVINO - Fashion and Jewellery binder

Dizzy binderSun Worshipers Drawing binder


Unique School Binders

Click the “Custom Binder” banner below to see all of the many wonderful and unique binders offered. You may even create your own unique binder!

Why go back to school with plain binders when you can be one of a kind with one of these great unique binders? 

Toothy Face binderHappy Face binder

Custom Binders


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  1. Love your Unique School Binders!

  2. these are nice, love the ‘fashion parade’

  3. Oh, I want one of each binder! I must be a non-conformist! Love em all!

  4. You and Thomas are good teachers!

  5. wow these are such unique school binders. great display too! you are getting so good.

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