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Untamed by Lisa Harper

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Untamed. How the Wild Side of Jesus Frees Us to Live and Love with Abandon. Lisa Harper tries to help us realize that Jesus is both fearless and fierce in His love for mankind. She tells of her relationship with Jesus and wants you to know that you can have this same Jesus in your life.

Lisa writes that our Savior is not wimpy. We need an  untamed Savior because only a wild unsettling Jesus can free us to be amazed by His grace.

Have you ever been branded as not good enough to be friends with some people? Jesus will be the best friend you can ever have. We don’t have to worry about Him ditching us for a cooler friend.

Jesus is the Redeemer that can free us from  our fears because He will protect us no matter  the cost. He is physically, emotionally and mentally willing to fight dangerous beasts in our behalf.  He frees our hearts to race towards Him when He calls.

Christ is pro women  in a world that some times is not.  He wants us to know that  they are not inferior to men.

Jesus is  able to free us to trust in the liberty He brings and then to live boldly. He can free us from faking our way through faith or accepting a counterfeit gospel so He can make us into brave, true believers.

An untamed Savior can free us to abandon stereotypes and prejudice and truly love the world around us. He can meet our needs and free us from all sorts of physical, emotional, and social ailments. He can free us to lean into His affection and fall reverently at His feet in real worship.  He can break all the chains that bind us.

Lisa Harper is one of the Women of Faith Speakers and author of several books.


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