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Upside Down Christmas Trees

Flip Into Fun with an Upside Down Christmas Tree

Upside Down Christmas Trees have been a trend the last few years. You can find Upside Down Christmas Trees hanging from ceilings, sitting in a stand on the floor, or even hanging outside.

Although it is a bit strange looking, you have to admit it is quirky and fun. A traditionalist may think it is being disrespectful to hang a Christmas Tree upside down, but it only has whatever meaning that you choose to give it. I don’t know about you but I choose to see Upside Down Christmas Trees as nothing more than pure Christmas fun.

Hanging an upside down Christmas tree will bring an element of surprise to any Christmas get together, but it actually a bit smart too. Just think of all of the extra space you will have for all of your gifts this year.

You might be surprised at just how many styles of Upside Down Christmas Tress are available. You can find traditional, colorful, tinsel, contemporary, and many more Upside Down Christmas Trees. There are Upside Down Christmas Trees that fit against a wall, use a stand, or even hang from the ceiling.

Take a look at just a few that I have come across.

Better Upside Down

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Green Upside Down Christmas Trees

Green is the most popular color for an artificial upside down Christmas tree. Look at the different shades of green available and the different styles. Do you prefer fir or pine, full or thin, pre-lit or string your own lights? Oh, there are so many choices. I think I may require more than one! I actually really like that lime green upside down Christmas tree below.

American Upside Down TreeSee More

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History of the Upside Down Christmas Tree

We may think hanging a Christmas tree upside down is a fun fad that is only a few years old, but it actually has roots back into the Middle Ages.

By the 12 century it was commonplace for Christians to hang a Christmas tree upside down. It was thought to resemble the shape of Jesus hanging on the cross and the triangular shape represented the Holy Trinity. If you were to visit a home in which the tree was displayed upside down, you would know it was for religious reasons and not a form of decoration.

It was not until centuries later that the idea emerged to flip the tree right side up so that the tip would point to heaven.

White Upside Down Christmas Trees

White artificial upside down Christmas trees look like a lot of frosted fun. These trees will really show off any lights or colors that you put on them.These trees would be great for anyone who loves a white Christmas!

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Fully Decorated Upside Down Christmas Tree

Slver and Gold Upside down Christmas Trees

Don’t forget how pretty silver and gold looks at Christmas. A glittery silver or gold upside down Christmas tree is great for adding lots of sparkle to your holidays.

Half Wall Upside Down Christmas Tree

Is space an issue in your home? These artificial upside down Christmas trees are only half of a tree allowing you to display it right against the wall. What a wonderful space-saving tree this is. Oh, just think of all of the presents you can display under one of these.

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An Upside Down Christmas Tree Story

The Upside Down Christmas Tree

This is a cute story about a little girl who has found a Christmas tree that was grown upside down. She is so excited to surprise her family.

What a fun tradition this would be to read this story each year as you decorate your upside down Christmas tree.


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