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Urban Industrial and Factory Scenes Posters and Prints

I love to visit and photograph urban industrial and factory scenes. I lived in Pittsburgh, PA, from the early 1980’s through the early 1990’s while attending graduate school, and then working. It was a time of great change in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas, as steel mills and factories closed and the economy went through some great changes. I was very fortunate during this time to be working in the motion picture industry, which allowed me to explore a number of very cool urban industrial areas to which I would otherwise not have gotten access. 

Urban Industrial Factory Scene


I have since moved on to to live in other places, but I am still very moved by these urban industrial scenes.

This is a photograph of an abandoned factory I visited during this time. It has been digitally altered using a bit of Photoshop. You can see it and other  in a variety of sizes at American Industrial.





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This is a winter scene I took from an urban rooftop in Pittsburgh. The bleak nature of the winters still evoke strong emotions for me.

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I love the wall in this urban street scene. The wall is divided and subdivided in squares and rectangles, separately and in groups.

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If you are also interested in industrial and urban scenes, please visit my store, American Industrial, for other urban posters and prints. Visit American Industrial Prints for more indepth commentaries on these pieces.


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