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Varidesk – Standing Workstation Adjustable Desks

Varidesk & Varidesk Pro- Height Adjustable Standing Desks

Varidesk Reviews & Products

The Varidesk was developed to address the negative side-effects of being seated for the majority of the working day. The Varidesk allows you to work from either a standing or a sitting position, and makes it easy for you to switch positions as often as you like. It’s a retrofit adjustable platform that sits on top of your existing desk. When you feel the need to stand, simply raise the VARIDESK up using the convenient handles on either side. Simply reverse the process to return to a seated position. The VARIDESK is an effective, affordable, easy-to-use height adjustable desk for both home and office.

The Varidesk comes in several different sizes: There is the Varidesk Single (single monitor), the Varidesk Single Plus ( same, but features a separate lifting keyboard tray), the Varidesk Laptop (for laptops and tablets), the Varidesk Pro ( supports dual computer monitors), the Varidesk Pro Plus (same as pro but has a keyboard deck lift), and the Varidesk Pro 48 (48″ wide for larger, multiple-monitor setups).

Fro more information and pricing on each item, just click on the pics and tags provided below.

To see all the Varidesk models click here: Varidesk Models

Varidesk Pro Plus 48 Height Adjustable Standing Desk

#1 New Release in Monitor Arms & Monitor Stands

VARIDESK Pro Plus 48 Height-Adjustable Standing DeskView Now

The Varidesk Pro Plus 48 standing desk is 4 feet wide, giving you ample space for multi-monitor set-ups or extra space requirements. The two-tier design gives you an upper display surface for multiple monitors, and a spacious lower keyboard and mouse deck.

Varidesk’s patented spring-loaded lifting mechanism can be used to easily lift up to 45lbs in 3 seconds, allowing you to stand up and sit down without breaking your concentration.

Comes fully assembled right out of the box, and sets on top of your existing desk or furniture. You’re set up and ready to work in 5 minutes! No assembly, installation or tools required. Height adjustable to 11 different heights for ergonomic comfort. Remains sturdy and stable even when fully extended.


Varidesk Single

VARIDESK SingleView Now

This height-adjustable desk sits on top of your existing desk and allows you to work comfortably from either a sitting or standing position.

VARIDESK is the perfect standing desk solution – it’s attractive, effective, affordable, and easy to use. It comes fully assembled and ready to use.

This single monitor version of the VARIDESK has a black top and will perfectly suit offices and homes alike.


Varidesk Single Plus

VARIDESK Single PlusView Now

The Varidesk Single Plus adjustable riser sits on top of your existing desk, allowing you to switch from a seated to standing position quickly and easily.

The Varidesk Single Plus features a separate lifting keyboard tray which sits below the main monitor surface. The new lifting keyboard tray ensures ergonomic comfort for your arms and shoulders whether sitting or standing.

Varidesk Single Plus is the perfect size for smaller workstations and those with single monitors.


Varidesk Pro Plus

VARIDESK Pro PlusView Now

If you know the value of using two screens, the Varidesk Pro Plus height adjustable standing desk is for you. The Pro Plus is the perfect solution for the dual-screen wielding master of domains. Great for users who need the extra screen real estate, the Pro Plus’s 36″-wide raised display shelf is roomy enough for two 24″ monitors (up to 35lbs).

The recessed keyboard tray with extended mouse area is big enough for most keyboards and mice, so you can whip those spreadsheets and presentations into award-winning shape.

Features on the Pro Plus:
Keyboard deck lifts with the display surface
Work surface size: 36″x29.75″
Fully assembled; easy set-up
Switches from sitting to standing in 3 seconds
Fits most desks in any office or cube


Varidesk Pro


The Varidesk Pro Standing Desk supports dual computer monitors. This innovative adjustable height desk allows you to work comfortably either sitting or standing. Sits on top of your existing desk or table. Large 36″ x 23″ work surface accommodates dual monitor work stations. Sturdy, stable design – holds up to 35 lbs. with ease. Work surface adjustable up to a height of 15.5″.

Allows you to work comfortably either sitting or standing. Change positions in just seconds with a quick squeeze of the side handles. Varidesk Pro ships fully assembled & sets up in less than five minutes. Free downloadable companion app for sit/stand alerts and calorie-burn counter.


Varidesk Accessories – Varidesk Standing Desk Floor Mat

VARIDESK – Standing Desk Floor MatView Now

The Varidesk Standing Desk Mat works perfectly alongside the Varidesk Standing Up Desk.

Provides sturdy, cushioned support for the entire body. Solid, high density core for long-lasting support.

20″x34″ to fit easily into most offices or cubes. Beveled with no curl edges & a Non-slip bottom.


Varidesk Pros & Cons


These standing desk converters come in handy if you already have a desk that you want to keep using, or if you work in a cubicle and want to try using a standing desk – opposed to something like adjustable height standing desks – which are designed to replace your current desk.

Simple desktop placement – no mounting needed

Unit is stable and relatively easy to install

Unit is easy to raise and lower, requires relatively little pressure

Quality construction leading to a very sturdy work platform

Underslung keyboard tray specifically designed for ergonomics and comfort

No mounting necessary

Arrives fully assembled


Depending upon one’s height, users may find that the keyboard is too high up for comfortable typing when in the standing position.

While position changes are a breeze, cord management or clutter can cause problems both in terms of work space and operational interference. Wireless mice and other peripherals are best if minimizing operational hassles and overall clutter is important to the end user.

While nearly all PC monitors are supported, it is unclear whether or not Apple products are supported.

Require a “wide grip” to grasp both sides at the same time.

Very short folks may find the adjustments a challenge.

Somewhat pricey

Bottom Line

Overall these standing adjustable Varidesks are beneficial for physical and psychological health. They are also great for multiple work stations and easy to use as well. The Varidesks are by far the best quality adjustable standing height desks on the market today. There are more models and functions then other brands too.

Varidesk Video

More Choices in Standing Adjustable Desks

Below are some more great standing desk options for you to choose from. Simply click on any of the features photos for pricing and details.

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