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Venetian Style Carnival Wall Masks

These artful renditions of a carnival mask from Venice make these Venetian Style Carnival Masks beautiful pieces of art for your home or office. Display them prominently on any wall in your home to add decor and beauty. People will stop to appreciate this wall decor, and will enjoy the intricate details and hand-painting of most of these designs.

Venetian Wall Masks are unique and gorgeous, and you’ll be proud to have any one of these masks in your home. Give one as a gift to art lovers, as well, and see where they display it in their home.

These Venetian Style Carnival Masks add so much more interest to your room than a plain ole painting. These masks make you want to look at them, touch them, and appreciate the work that went into making them!

Large – Lady Peacock Venetian Style Carnival Mask Wall Decor

Large – Lady Peacock Venetian Style Carnival Mask Wall Decor

Lady Peacock is probably my favorite of all the Venetian Style Carnival Masks. Peacock decor is very trendy and popular right now, so you can’t go wrong buying this beautiful wall decor mask for yourself or as a gift for someone else. The colors are so pretty on these masks! And look at those hand-painted details. Lady Peacock…I love you!

You’ll see more renditions of Lady Peacock below…


Lady Peacock Venetian Style Carnival Mask Wall DecorLady Peacock Venetian Style Carnival Mask Wall Decor

Lady Butterfly Venetian Style Carnival Mask Wall Decor

Sale – Large lady Butterfly VenetianMore Details

Lady Butterfly sports butterfly-like wings on her head with pretty flowers, too. You’ll love the color and design of this Venetian Style Carnival Mask Wall Decor Piece!
This pretty and unique wall decor will add interest to any room in your home.


Lady Peony Venetian Style Mask Wall Decor

Meet Lady Peony. She’s a fabulous rendition of a carnival mask that originated in Venice. You’ll be proud to display her on a wall in an entrance hallway or foyer, a living room or a bedroom. And wouldn’t she just be dreamy in your home office!

A Peony flower is big and beautiful and full of life, and so is Lady Peony! This Venetian style carnival mask wall decor will truly decorate your walls with splendor and elegance!

Sale – Art Deco – VenetianMore Details

Venetian Style Carnival Mask Wall Decor

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