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Very Light And Portable Massage Tables

Very Light And Portable Massage Tables

Hello fellow massage therapists or anyone who may be interested in any of these very light and portable massage tables. If you are like me, you probably have a hard time lugging around a standard massage table especially if you travel for your clients. I know for me it takes a giant toll on my low back and it’s makes me uncomfortable before I can even begin a session. That is why I have looked so thoroughly into these lightweight massage tables and let me tell you it made a huge difference. I was worried at first that the lightweight wouldn’t be able to support the weight of my larger clients but I was wrong, some of these tables can hold up to 600 pounds! That’s just crazy that a 25 ish pound table can do that.

The Science Behind Choosing A Very Light Massage Table

As you can see these very light massage tables are a great investment for your thriving business. Those extra pounds really do make a difference. My standard sized table is a big hassle, it truly benefits to have something so light to carry around and get in and out of your car.

Very Light Wooden Massage Tables

I really do like my wooden massage table it just seems to look more professional in my opinion. If you agree the heaven massage ultra light weight portable may be a good option for you. It is said to weigh in at just 25 pounds and is well reviewed.

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Very Light Aluminum Massage Tables

Here are some lovely options in very light aluminum massage tables. One of my favorite light weight massage tables is the EarthLite Luna Portable massage table package. Firstly, packages are almost always the best route. Secondly Earthlite is a well known trusted name in the massage industry and for a good reason. The earthlite luna is estimated in around 29 pounds and can hold up to the stunning amount of 600. I would say that is pretty good for such a light weight table.

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