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Romantic Victorian Garden Fencing for a Gothic Garden

Victorian Fencing Adds the Final Touch for a Gothic Garden

It is not enough to fill your garden with black flowers if you want to create a gothic garden. While the black flowers and plants are the beginning, it takes your creative choosing of accessories, borders, and decor to make the gothic theme come to life.

This page will show you several options for adding a fence, trellis, and plant stands that will help cement your theme throughout your entire garden and bring the planted sections together coherently. Many of these fences will also help with trailing vines, and keeping some creatures out of the garden.

Panacea 89379 Romantic Folding Border Fence

Panacea 89379 Romantic Folding Border Fence, Black

Finding the Right Fencing for Your Garden

If you are planning a gothic garden, you need to find the proper fencing to contain it. You may need fencing to support some of your plants, or just for decoration.

There are different types of garden fences and fence type decor. Depending on your available space, you can add and arbor, trellis, or fence in several places.

Each of these items is available in different styles, sizes, and sometimes, colors. This page is an introduction, and if you click through the links, you will find more specifications, durability, and how to install each type of fence.

The arbors pictured below are ovely entrances to a gothic garden. Some arbors have a smaller footprint in depth from front to back while other are deepre. You need to measure carefully to decide if your garden has the space for an arbor like these.

Iron Gothic Arbor

If you have the space, a lovely gothic arbor gate can really enhance your garden. In addition, it can be used to grow vines of flowers at the entrance of your garden.

 Gardman R351 Gothic Arch Panacea Garden Arbor Achla Chippendale Arbor Tierra Garden Arch

Adding a Gothic Trellis

A trellis lends a tall, slender elegance to a garden wall or in the center of a garden. It is also lovely next to a secluded garden bench. You can also use a trellis indoors in a sunroom or an enclosed patio.

A trellis is usually simple in style to allow for your plants to grow on, around, and through it. For more trellis styles, click through the link below.

Grow Your Vines on a Gothic Trellis

Choose the height

This gothic trellis is 72 inches tall and 24 inches wide, but you can also get it in other sizes. This is the tallest. A trellis will add decor highlights to your garden and can be used to support plants or grow vines. There are other styles available as well. Take a look at all of them by clicking through the link.

 Gardman R555 Gothic Trellis Panel

Creating Garden Sections Through Fencing

A fence can be both practical and decoration. Or you can use a fence for one purpose in one spot, and the other purpose elsewhere.

To enhance the gothic feel of your garden, a gothic style fence in at least part will help. Many plants grow better with some fence support, so you can just plan your garden so that the gothic fence is next to the plants that need support.

While a decorative fence won’t keep out all garden predators, it will keep people from just wandering over delicate new plants. And it will help you remember where each plant should be.

The fences shown here are all different styles that can be used in a gothic garden. However, use your imagination, because goth is all about creativity.

 Victorian Garden Border Victorian Fleur De Lis Victorian Fence – Black Victorian Black Gate Victorian Black Fencing

Gothic Halloween Fencing

 Wrought Iron Fence Cemetery Fence Creepy Fence Border Classica Finial Spider Fence

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