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Vintage Jewelry~The 1928 Jewelry Company

This page is a reference list of all my Vintage 1928 Jewelry Company pages on Squidoo.

I love the 1928 Jewelry Company, and looking at the styles of the era, I love vintage clothing too. But it is the jewelry and crafts of the era that have always captivated me, just love vintage jewelry and crafts.

So when The 1928 Jewelry Company made its beautiful line of affordable vintage style jewelry available online, I was ecstatic. No more shopping the antique jewelry counter and being disappointed.  Now I have access to all the vintage jewelry styles they make. And they make lots of vintage jewelry, from silver vintage jewelry, to white and yellow gold vintage jewelry, even pink gold vintage jewelry, since vintage jewelry often does have the pink gold.

Then I thought that maybe others would like to shop online for beautiful vintage jewelry from home so I created a store with all kinds of Vintage 1928 Jewelry.

After that I made a bunch of pages at Squidoo to highlight the many pieces of vintage style jewelry available from the 1928 Jewelry Company. After I counted the pages, I thought maybe I’m a little obsessed with vintage jewelry style.

Shop vintage and affordable jewelry at 1928.com!

I have to confess I love all things vintage, not just vintage jewelry. My grandmothers had all this antique jewelry lying around and let me play with it. I dressed up in vintage clothes, and vintage jewelry, even old vintage boots, the ones that laced up. My sister and I would load up on twenty or thirty vintage necklaces and bracelets each. My mother and her mother would laugh so hard.  I still love vintage jewelry more than any other kind. It can be vintage costume jewelry, or vintage fashion jewelry, or vintage fine jewelry, I like it all. But here I am focusing on the 1928 Jewelry Company and their beautiful affordable vintage sytle jewelry, which is not expensive, it just looks expensive. Enjoy shopping!


Some Vintage 1928 Jewelry Pages

1928 Jewelry Company Vintage Bracelets

1928 Vintage Bridal Jewelry

1928 Vintage Necklaces

Authentic jewelry from the 1928 era has become scarce because it is so collectible and loved. That’s why the founders of the company originally started making it, for an inexpensive source of vintage jewelry from that era. Well now the company’s brand is so well known for its authentic vintage style, it has become collectible in its own right. How ironic, in a good way.



More Vintage Jewelry~1928 Jewelry Pages

1928 Jewelry Company Vintage Rings

Vintage 1928 Earrings

1928 Twilight Jewelry

Vintage Posters

Vintage posters look awesome in many decors, especially in the area of your house where you keep your jewelry…So I added in this beautiful vintage poster. Wouldn’t it look stunning in any room?


More Vintage Jewelry~1928 Jewelry Pages


Vintage 1928 Pearl and Cameo Jewelry

Vintage 1928 Jewelry~Antique Jewelry Guide


Jewelry Box for Your Vintage Jewelry

Keep your vintage jewelry in a beautiful jewelry box. This purple jewelry box is just one of many beautiful jewelry boxes available.  Vintage jewelry is often delicate. Keep it safe and protected.

Jewelry Boxes and Cabinets

Vintage Style Jewelry Electronics

Now it doesn’t have to be truly vintage, you know? I like vintage jewelry and jewelry that just looks vintage, and vintage jewelry photos on many products, in fact, I just love anything vintage, I’m a vintage nut. So this little case for your iPad caught my eye… This little vintage jewelry image is available on other electronic cases too… just click on the case and you can see more vintage style cases for all your devices.



Red Rhinestone Heart iPad Case speckcase

Red Rhinestone Heart iPad Case by jaisjewels
Become a iphone affiliate for Zazzle.

 So if you love Vintage Jewelry, you see you can get a Vintage Jewelry feel on many products, not just jewelry, and you can dress in a vintage style and have your modern devices and still be vintage due to all the vintage style jewelry items and decorations around now.

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  1. I love the 1928 Vintage Jewelry. So pretty!

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