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Authentic Vintage Style Wedding Invitations

Vintage Wedding Invitations Make a Vintage Wedding Start Out Right

With so many different styles of wedding invitations to choose from these days, it can be a difficult task to narrow your selection down to that one perfect invitation. I find it easier to start searching within a particular category, to get a feel for what style or styles appeal to you. One such category is the vintage wedding invitations section. Here you will find a wide variety of vintage style invitations to choose from, as Wedding Paper Divas offers 162 invitations just within this category. With all of those designs to choose from, you can see how narrowing your choices down to one specific category can help make life easier, but yet you still have some big decisions to make. I’ve made things a little easier by selecting a few favorites from this category, to help give you a feel for what design styles are being offered.

Washed Damask Wedding Invitations Seafoam

Beautiful vintage feel

Washed Damask Wedding Invitations SeafoamWashed Damask Wedding Invitations Seafoam

Signature White Wedding Invitations With Evening Sparkle : Black

Roaring 20s style

The “With Evening Sparkle” wedding invitation design brings to mind the roaring twenties. The front design of the card is printed in such a way as to look as if it advertising a “one night only” performance. It has the appearance of glitter, yet no actual glitter is used so you won’t have to worry about it coming off and shedding the glitter. This invitation is printed on a 7 x 5 inch flat card, and is available in black, white, jewel (a shade a teal), and majestic (a shade of purple). The back of the invitation has the first initial of the engaged couple, one on each side of a design that matches the front of the card. The matching items that can be purchased separately to match this invitation includes response cards, enclosure cards,” thank you” cards, and “save the date” cards.

With Evening Sparkle Wedding Invitations BlackWith Evening Sparkle Wedding Invitations Black

Chalkboard Floral Wedding Invitations Orange Sherbet

Another interesting find in the vintage wedding invitations section is the “Chalkboard Floral” invitation. This card is also part of the new custom type collection of invitations, and features a beautiful floral display across the top of the card. Details are printed in the center and another small floral display is on the bottom.

Chalkboard Floral Wedding Invitations Orange SherbetChalkboard Floral Wedding Invitations Orange Sherbet

This invitation has an old fashioned look to it, and is available in your choice of floral colors. There are set colors but you can also customize your own color scheme. Back of the card features two sprays of flowers in two of the corners. This is a 7 x 5 inch flat card design. Orders can be placed for “thank you” cards, “save the date” cards, response cards, and enclosure cards to coordinate with these invitations.

Signature White Wedding Invitations Regal Refinement : Smoke

If you happen to be looking for something from the vintage wedding invitations collection that has somewhat of a royal elegance and regal feel to it, consider the “Regal Refinement” design. This card can be ordered in two styles, the more modern flat card 5 x7 inch style, or in a folded style measuring 5.25 x 5.25 inches that includes one photo of the engaged couple.

Signature White Wedding Invitations Regal Refinement : SmokeSignature White Wedding Invitations Regal Refinement : Smoke

This invitation is offered in a beautiful purple shade of amethyst, a gorgeous stormy blue, rust, chocolate, and smoke colors. This invitation also offers several more matching items than many other card designs, including response cards, reception cards, enclosure cards (two styles offered), place cards, programs, engagement cards, “thank you” cards, “save the date” cards, menu cards, imprintables, gift tags, party invitations (two styles offered), mugs, address labels, and even personalized napkins.

Signature White Wedding Invitations Detailed Ornament : Aqua

Vibrant color

When you think of vintage wedding invitations, something ornate and very detailed may come to mind. If this is your idea of what vintage is,the “Detailed Ornament” design is a great choice. This wedding invitation is a flat card style measuring 7 x5 inches, with rounded corners. This design features a very detailed pattern that brings to mind the Victorian time period. Printing is contained within the ornate design, and printed on the white portion of the card.

Signature White Wedding Invitations Detailed Ornament : AquaSignature White Wedding Invitations Detailed Ornament : Aqua

A detailed border is done all around the card, in your choice of the colors berry, red lantern, or aqua. In the mid-section of the card front, a wide banner design runs through the middle, showing on left and right side edges, in a light golden color. The darker color underneath can still be seen showing through. The back of the card design features a solid golden color with the same pattern as the front of the card. This design comes with matching response cards, enclosure cards, party invitations, “thank you” cards, and “save the date” cards available.

Signature White Textured Wedding Invitations Vintage Scrollwork : Bright Red

Elaborate scrollwork

Another perfect find within the vintage wedding invitations category is the “Vintage Scrollwork” design. The name says it all. This 5 x7 inch flat card design with square corners features beautiful old fashioned looking scrollwork along the top and bottom of the front of this card. The scrollwork comes in the colors bright red, wave (a teal color), or majestic (a shade of purple), against a white background. Back of the card features your color choice in a beautiful scrollwork design all across the back, with a small design in the middle of the back with the engaged couples’ initials.

Signature White Textured Wedding Invitations Vintage Scrollwork : Bright RedSignature White Textured Wedding Invitations Vintage Scrollwork : Bright Red

Response cards, enclosure cards, “thank you” cards, party invitations, and “save the date” cards featuring a photo of the couple, are all available in matching patterns for this invitation design.

Planning a Vintage-Style Wedding

As you can see, my pointing out a few specific invitations just begins to give you a sample of what vintage wedding invitations are currently available. There are many beautiful patterns, colors and different texts to choose from to make your invitations something truly unique that is representative of you and your husband to be. Be sure to look at all of your options within each category, and then at the options within the specific card or cards you like.

Chances are, you will find the perfect invitation that you can tailor to meet your specific needs. Your marriage is meant to last a lifetime, so you want everything about your special day to be just that, special. This includes everything from planning the wedding to the honeymoon. Start looking for your perfect invitation early, so that you won’t feel pressured into just choosing “something” you might not be happy with in the future. Choose one that really represents who you are as a couple, one that both you and your guests will look back at in the future with fond memories.

Secret Garden Wedding Invitations Dark GraySecret Garden Wedding Invitations Dark Gray

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