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Vtech Touch Swipe Baby Phone Pink

The best baby play phone for girls

If you are looking for a baby play phone for your little girl look no further than the Vtech touch swipe baby phone pink. Every little one wants a smartphone so instead of them stealing yours treat them to one that looks similar! There are several on the market but I find the Vtech touch swipe baby phone pink is perfect for little girls.The best baby play phone for girls must have certain criteria and fortunately I have seen several in operation and can advise that the Vtech baby phone ranks pretty high compared to the others I have seen.

I have a Chicco my first phone for my little one and while it was excellent when she was three months old it lacks the features of the electronic Vtech baby phone. In saying that I would still recommend the Chicco baby play phone for younger babies before they are ready to use a more advanced one.

Why I love the Vtech touch swipe baby phone pink

Vtech baby phone

A cool baby play phone similar to Mums must have similar features and fortunately this Vtech baby phone delivers. All smartphones have lots of apps and this fun baby play phone also has 12 apps for baby to stare at. The apps are realistic, not that your 6 month old will know the difference between a weather app and a calendar app, but this just adds to the educational nature of this Vtech touch swipe baby phone pink. It has other light up apps too including a clock app, music app which plays songs and phrases to teach your baby their numbers, letters and first words.

 VTech Touch and Swipe Baby Phone – Pink – Online Exclusive

This Vtech baby phone is very educational indeed with a facility for you to save your home phone number for the child to listen to and learn. Obviously the child will just hear numbers and not remember the number when they are small but as they get older they will retain this information. The Vtech touch swipe baby phone pink is suitable for kids up to three years old. This is a fabulous toy for developing hand-eye coordination as little ones swipe between the two screens and apps.

With regards to the size it is very suitable even though it looks compact it is light enough at 8 ounces meaning that your baby will have no trouble picking it up or carrying it around. It is a good size, apparently similar to the Samsung Galaxy S6 so you can fool your mini me into thinking that she has actually got your phone!

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